Not in men happiness: 4 signs of a woman who can do without one

It is worth a woman to reach a certain age, as each counter begins to be interested in when she is going to get a family. Some such a question depresses, some nervous. And someone at all shocking well-wishers, with a smile saying that is not going to marry at all. What distinguishes such a self-sufficient woman, and why they do not want to get married?

She is engaged in a career

She is not a sales manager, and not an ordinary employee. By her 30s she had already grown to the position of head of the department, and this, of course, is not the limit. She can achieve a lot, and knows perfectly well that marriage will hinder her in this.

She is independent

She is an independent and strong woman. Everything that she has, she achieved herself, and she absolutely does not want to depend on anyone. Men often prefer to completely control the life of their wife.

She prefers an active lifestyle.

She never sits still, travels a lot and can fly to Africa as a volunteer on Sunday, although she didn’t even think about it on Saturday. Any relationship imposes significant restrictions on such a lifestyle.

She convinced childfree

She just does not want children, because she has completely different life priorities. And she has every right to do so. At the same time, a woman understands that in marriage with a man who dreams of procreation, such an alignment of events will be dishonest.