6 rules of a wise woman relationship that every wife should remember

A really smart, wise and astute woman knows perfectly well how to keep a happy union with a man for a long, long time. This experience is accumulated over the years, derived from its own mistakes and blunders, but, as a result, it becomes a faithful help and assistant. So, 6 taboos in relationships that every woman should remember.

1. Work in the place that the man chose

Of course, it’s good if the partners' views on the career match, and the woman fully agrees with the man’s opinion about her workplace. But if you go to a service for which your husband has attached you, as if under a stick, even despite the fact that there is a good salary there is breaking and stepping over yourself to please your man or other mercantile interests.

2. Love his parents through power

Again, you should never step over yourself and grind out love, if in fact it does not smell. You are not obliged to make strong friendship with your husband's parents and support his mother in everything. If for some reason these people are unpleasant to you, just limit yourself to pushed-friendly contacts, but never descend into squabbles and showdown.

3. To account for the money spent

Even if you for some reason do not work, or the income of a man in the family significantly exceeds yours, to report to your spouse for every penny spent - a complete humiliation. Immediately clearly define the boundaries of financial permissibility, and even better, try to hand your pious reins of the house and life, and then you will see how he will sing.

4. Sacrifice your interests for the sake of men

Even if he believes that your fascination with beadwork or Nordic walking is complete nonsense and a waste of time, in no case do not give up your interests. Carefully protect your own personal space and do what you want for you.

5. To pity a man

There is nothing worse than a pity man. He instantly turns into a useless, incapable creature, like a soft-faced one. In difficult moments and during the breakdown of his forces, instead of pity, it is better to instill in him the confidence that he can do everything and, no matter what happens, you will be near.

6. To live his life, not his

Never make a man God and do not put him in the center of your life. Dissolve in your loved one - the worst that can happen to a woman. In this case, she loses her self-sufficiency, confidence, and ceases to love herself, allowing her to offend, trample and humiliate herself.