10 rules of a woman who knows her worth

1. You should never be trying to look like someone. You are the uniqueness, individuality and protected piece instance, so do not waste what you have.

2. The most important thing in a woman is her face. No clothes, jewelry and jewelry can replace youth and freshness.

3. The attractiveness of a woman is not in her beauty. And in the ability to apply themselves, to be elegant and to attract others to themselves.

4. Do not waste your life on men who make you miserable. Alas, when you understand this, it will be too late. Do not become like a patient in a psychiatric ward due to the fact that he left you, but rather leave him first.

5. It is impossible to be forever young - This is a fact, and no suspenders, Botox and silicone breasts will not help here. But you can always remain young in the soul - this is much more important.

6. During the life of a woman is constantly changing growing, transforming and moving to a new stage of development. Look at yourself a year ago and you will realize that now they have become a completely different person. And always will be.

7. Do not chase fashion - what is good in the same clones, unconditionally following what they imposed from the outside. Be yourself - it will attract much more attention to you.

8. A true woman will never see other women rivals or enemies. Gossip and intrigue - this is the lowest that can be capable of female nature.

9. The only person you can rely on and who can always help you is yourself. Not a favorite man, not parents, not children and not even friends - only you.

10. Do not idealize people. Ideals do not exist, and even the closest person is able to betray and hurt. If you understand this, it will be much easier for you to live.