5 signs of the zodiac that never grow up

5. Fish

Pisces do not want to become wise and put this wisdom into practice, but they are also hostages of their emotions, and this prevents them from actually becoming mature.

4. Scorpio

The control may not work for you, but it will certainly work for Scorpio. What makes this sign less mature is that it does everything for its own good, and rarely for anyone else.

3. Sagittarius

He tried. But the truth is that, despite all the efforts, ultimately, Sagittarius is even worse than Scorpio when it comes to doing something for yourself.

2. Leo

A lion is an adult child and he will never change. He knows it, you know it, now go and make yourself eat, because some things do not change.

Leo thinks that behaving like a child is much more attractive than a “mature” person.

1. Twins

This is the end. Twins do not want to grow up, do not want to go about their business and do not want to play with other children. Even when these "children" are 60 years old. The twins are so “small” that you better talk to Spongebob's square pants than to them. Although they can be very serious people, they just don’t want to take responsibility.