10 names that have the greatest impact on women


In itself, the word "Victoria" in Latin means "victory." Women with this name are extremely persistent in achieving their goals, assertive and active. Even if fate gives them a very strong kick, they rise with a proud head and try again. Such women have a very strong rod inside that is almost impossible to break. Many people next to them feel their weakness and pressure from outside. Victoria - very independent and not willing to depend on anyone. They perceive any help from outside as a manifestation of pity, which they do not tolerate towards themselves.


The name Catherine means "immaculate, purified." Indeed, nobler people are hard to find. They are always ready to help, give a strong shoulder and pull out even the deepest swamp. In addition, women with this name are optimistic in life. They know how to see good even in bad things, find benefits and benefits in everything, and share their discoveries with others. Catherine gives great importance to their inner state and personal growth, because they believe that the happiness of a person lies in himself, and not in the surrounding circumstances.


Olga - "holy." Such a name is borne by strong women who are ready to fight, fight and defend their opinions by any means. They seek leadership, love to be admired, and if this does not happen, it will hurt them greatly. Olha have a complex character, inside of them like an eternal battle. They are very sensitive to criticism, easily offended, but also, without noticing it, can in one word hurt others. Olga often chooses an ideal for herself, which she follows and which she strives to be like.


Veronica in Greek means “winning”. Such a woman is the soul of the company. She always has a lot of friends and girlfriends, she can support any conversation and sharply joke. Also, Veronica usually has a lot of fans in the face of men, with whom she often acts rather mercilessly. She knows well the weak points and strings that need to be pulled to make a person feel vulnerable, and shamelessly uses it. Veronica can easily impose her opinion and make sure that everything is as she wants.


Translation of the name Anastasia - "resurrected." Women with this name are very fragile and sensitive natures. They are easily attached to people, sometimes, starting to live not their own lives, but them. They have a big heart, because they can forgive even betrayal. Anastasia is very sensitive to the mood of others, sometimes, the slightest incident can knock her out of a rut. It is very important for her to have a strong-willed and strong person next to her who will be able to support her and reach out her hand in difficult times.


The name Julia has a very good translation - “fluffy”. Julia is unusually stubborn, zealous and stubborn. In achieving their goal, they will gnaw through what they want with their teeth and never admit how difficult and hard it is for them. Julia is able to hide her true emotions, showing only the positive aspects of her nature. Such women, as a rule, become good wives and mothers, skillfully manage the household and know how to keep a husband.


From Greek, Tatiana is translated as “designated.” Very often these women have many masculine qualities in their character - leadership, perseverance, will, isolation from emotions and strength of mind. Tatiana seek to streamline and manage all. In life with them it can be quite difficult, since they do not know how to give in and make compromises. That is why they often do not develop a married life, because Tatiana assumes all male obligations, pushing the wishes of her husband into the background.


Mari has a rather difficult character. They are quite intolerable, too strict and demanding of people, although in relation to themselves these requirements are much lower. In order to achieve her goal, Maria is able to get over the heads, not considering this a betrayal. But in a difficult situation, when a really close and close person needs help, Maria is able to show great patience and nobility by pulling out all her positive qualities.


From Greek, Anna translates as "gracious." As a rule, Anna is very immersed in her inner world. It is as if she was deliberately subjecting herself to suffering, hurting herself and receiving some strange pleasure from it. Anna doesn’t have enough joy and optimism to fit the world around her. She often cries, sees everything in black, analyzes the past and cannot be happy with the present. Anna is capable of sacrifice, completely dissolving in her beloved person. But, at times, this quality only poisons her life, not allowing her to enjoy her surroundings.


Valeria - "strong, strong, healthy." The name Valery is quite often found in the male form Valery, which, of course, affects its owner. Valerie's character is cool and unpredictable. She can chop off her shoulder, hurt and, at times, be very cruel. Valeria can endure for a long time, but at one moment the balance is overfilled, and then Valeria just sweeps away everything in her path. And literally in a few minutes, she can calm down and rejoice and smile again. With all this, Valeria is an unusually romantic nature, prone to romance and violent outbursts of passion.