6 features of male psychology, which are always remembered by smart wives

The brains of men and women are arranged differently, hormones and emotional needs are also different. This article focuses on what women need to know about men. It provides some tips on how to better understand the husband.

Men do for women what men need, and women do men for women. We all tend to give what we want in return.

Therefore, in this particular case, do not deal with him as you would like him to do with you.

1. Men have different emotional needs than women.

Tens of thousands of years, men risked their lives, going hunting, protecting their families from dangerous neighbors, preventing emergencies, etc. Then it was easy for women to appreciate men. Today, women can have work and earn a lot. Society has the police and a general sense of security; women can even hire a laborer. Therefore, men do not need them as before. Men seem to have lost their "job".

2. Men need to feel needed

Deep inside, a man has a need to positively influence a woman. A man must feel that something he is doing has a purpose and a value. How can a woman help in this man?

She can show and express appreciation for the big or small things that a man does. She can say that she appreciates how hard he works, that she appreciates his raking leaves and garbage. Appreciation satisfies a man’s need for meaning and purpose. When a man knows that his efforts are valued, he becomes able to do more.

3. Men should feel that women can count on them.

He is very smart, and a woman can help a man by expressing confidence in him. Having said that she knows, something he does is all for her. Criticism, on the contrary, undermines trust. If he was wrong, for example, did not buy milk, then forgive him for this. A man of course can not be perfect, but do not turn it into a "project to improve the house."

4. Free time is important for men

Usually this time is spent on reading the press, watching sports, fishing. So men relieve stress, forgetting about their problems. This is a kind of mini-vacation. We all know how vacation helps to forget about our everyday problems. Interestingly, women relieve stress by talking about their problems. Therefore, it should be understood that men relieve stress differently.

Do not take it personally when a man is in his "cave". Remember that this is his way to reduce stress. Do not chase him and do not criticize, otherwise he will go deeper into himself. By giving support, a woman puts honey, not vinegar, outside the cave. With support and understanding, the man will return and become available emotionally, more caring and loving.

5. Men have a cycle of convergence and distance.

This cycle resembles a hungry person who eats food and feels very happy about it, but then stops focusing on food until he gets hungry again. Think of the emotional needs of a man in this vein. Sometimes a person needs a distraction for other purposes. And independence and emotional isolation begin to nurture desire and attraction to a woman. It's like a stretched elastic - be sure to bounce back.

6. Male self-sufficiency and self-isolation sometimes lead to women feeling abandoned.

The basic emotional needs of a woman are caring, understanding and respect. Therefore, a woman should teach her man and tell her that emotions are important to her. What is important is that she feels love and care. That time spent together is also very important.

But most women do not understand that men’s emotional needs are different from the start. And this misunderstanding leads to mutual insults. Women often think that they give and give, but receive nothing in return. They ask: "So why should I satisfy his needs?". And men, on the contrary, think: “I have already done so much for her, and she only complains in response.” And they can give up, believing that nothing will make her happy.

It is really difficult to understand and accept that the set of emotional needs of the partner is different. Both those and others try to please their partners, but because of their differences they do it wrong. In the end, everyone gets disappointed, gets hurt and feels unnecessary. Therefore, both men and women need the necessary information to be aware of the differences. This will help them in a relationship.