10 things that make a 40-year-old woman a stupid 18-year-old fool

There are things to which you can close your eyes if you are a very young person and you are standing at the very beginning of your life. But if you are an adult self-sufficient woman who has a significant life experience behind her, then you'd better never stoop to such a behavior.

1. To live at the expense of men

Maybe at first it’s fun and carefree, but where is your sense of pride and self-sufficiency when you are totally dependent on your partner? At any time, he can turn off the magic money tap, and you will be left with absolutely nothing.

2. Depend on another's opinion

Does the age of 40 really matter to you, what others say about you, what they gossip about and what they expect? In no case should you not adapt to anyone, but listen only to yourself and your inner voice.

3. Consider yourself unattractive.

As they say a woman who did not become beautiful before 40 years old, is just a fool. And this is true. A mature woman should be clearly aware of their advantageous sides, be able to emphasize them, hide flaws and, most importantly, care for themselves. The main thing is to be able to apply correctly.

4. Put a man in the center of his life

We all remember how such blind and all-consuming love ended in youth. That's right, betrayal. Therefore, never make a man your king and don’t put a crown on him. The more servile they feel, the more they become insolent and ruthlessly enjoy the benefits that have fallen upon them.

5. Condemn other people

"Do not judge, but you will not be judged." No one has the right to condemn another person, because no one can know what secrets and trials his past holds, and why he made this choice.

6. Envy

Envy is one of the most destructive feelings. Jealous of others, we simply burn ourselves from the inside, burning with our anger and hatred. A wise woman can be aware of this and thus control herself. She knows for sure that the most important thing is orientation to herself, only then can the desired results be achieved.

7. Allow yourself to be humiliated

Naturally, this happens most often in relationships with men. Crawling on his knees in front of him, taking the blame for himself, making excuses and sagging - all this is done only by inexperienced young girls who feel that only in this way can love be saved.

8. Keep offense for a long time

Resentment does not allow a person to live normally, function and go forward. That is why you need to be able to let go of people and sincerely forgive them. Adult women, based on their experience, know this and, in the name of themselves, know how to do it.

9. beat men

Agree, it is disgusting, selfish and very cruel. So why take on the role of a bitch and take away men from families or beat them off from their own friends? Perhaps, in youth, this is considered to be a kind of indicator of coolness and one’s own irresistibleness, but over the years the awareness of the trait that cannot be crossed over takes root in consciousness more and more.

10. Fear of loneliness

Only with age you begin to understand that loneliness is not a sentence, but an opportunity to be alone with yourself, sort out your own thoughts and feelings, allow yourself what you have long wanted, and take a break from the hustle and bustle.