6 things that an interior designer will never bring to your home

You, probably, think that it will be a question of bad design and unsuccessful feng shui (wrong arrangement of objects)? Not certainly in that way. Together with designer Marie Flanigan, whose work was marked by a mass of international awards, we decided to find out what things she would never use in her own house. Listen to the words and advice of a professional and draw your own conclusions.

Floor mats

When it comes to small rugs and small "tracks", there is one rule that requires special attention: just never buy them. Change them to the carpet or carpet (carpet) - should be covered almost the entire surface of the floor. Small rugs make your room visually even smaller, besides, even the nicest furniture installed on such rugs and walkways looks wild and even ridiculous. Well, in case you really want to decorate the house with a rug-baby, you dream about it, just put it over a large carpet. This is the optimal solution.

Interior art objects

There are certain moments that require the choice of decor corresponding to the interior. However, such "monochrome" decisions are extremely rare. In fact, designers are rarely interested in the choice of pieces of art that are truly combined with the style of the home. Instead, they choose original art objects that contrast with the style and colors of furniture, walls, ceilings and floors.

Mindless objects

The process of designing a room design necessarily requires a long time from a specialist. He spends it on studying the interests, habits and hobbies of people living in the house. In the end, it becomes clear to the designer what the homeowner “breathes”; he recognizes his particular point of view on family heirlooms and traditions. It is extremely important and personal tastes of people, their attachment to certain colors, materials, type of lighting. Try not to clutter up your house with even the most beautiful and expensive things, if they do not have much value for you. Instead, over time, purchase art objects that really make sense to you. You will immediately feel how the look of your home will change.

Curtains and curtains hanging too low

“Always hang the curtains as high as possible (especially when it comes to homes with low ceilings). Your ceilings should be as open as possible - there should be a feeling of spaciousness, the apartment should "breathe". When installing the curtain, make sure that it is also wider than the window itself (at least 7–15 cm). In this case, you will visually significantly expand the room. In addition, the curtains should also be fixed above the window frame (about 10-15 cm). In this case, the ceilings will seem much higher and the house will be more spacious. "

Furniture of the same type

“Entering the house, where the whole interior is made only in one style, where all the furniture looks“ too equal ”, you will immediately feel that this dwelling lacks individuality. Combine in the house new items with antiques, antiques. Do not be afraid to experiment. Everything should look natural and thoughtful enough. ”

Trendy decor

“Very often, designers choose particularly trendy colors and patterns of the season. Their desire is understandable - such specialists want to ensure that the new home acquires a “VIP” look. It is believed that such a choice would say that the owner of the house is very familiar with the hottest trends. Of course, not all the rooms are made this way. I adhere to the classic, time-tested. Years pass, and the interior does not become outdated, the house looks chic and really expensive. In addition, you will definitely save money in the long term if you are not forced to change the situation when the season changes. ”