The hunter or the victim: why a man runs after a woman


A woman is not supposed to run after a man, as your mothers and grandmothers said. It is their prerogative, and ours is happy to accept these courtships. Only here modern men are not always in a hurry to run after us. At the same time, one has only to look back - and all the worthy candidates have already been married (when they managed to run for someone). It seems that there is a secret in this.

Do I have to run after a man

Psychologists who specialize in relationships recommend choosing the method of flirting, based on each individual case. That which can attract one man can easily bore the second or scare the third. In order not to miss, you should watch the person you like and his behavior.

  • Timid man: intellectual appearance, excellent manners and restraint in communication indicate that this person is not one of those who take their own at any cost. Of course, he could have taken the initiative, just not quite sure that his actions would be desirable for you.
  • Temperamental man: but those who, on the contrary, always expose their masculinity, hardly appreciate if you start to run after him. At most, it flatter him, but will not attract, and you hardly want to be just a toy in his hands. And the initiative from the woman may even scare him

Why does a man run after a woman

If women are strongly discouraged from this, men, on the contrary, seem to be running after someone. And do not even run, and seek at all costs. At least, it was always so, until strong and independent ladies appeared, for whom such attention from the representatives of the stronger sex is not so much complimentary, as tiring.

Despite this, men still show initiative and interest much more often. This is due, in part, to testosterone - after all, it is he who is the strongest and coolest here. But there is a deeper reason - stereotypes.

Do you like the woman? So go and conquer her, you are a man. Strong sex from childhood instill that they should be leaders, should not be afraid of anything. Growing up, they are trying very hard to prove it both to themselves and to all those around them. This is partly the reason why men are so skeptical of being strong and independent. Just a manifestation of strength from the weaker floor destroys the established order and creates uncertainty.

Why do women run after men

Although we are supposed to not do this, many ladies still abuse such tips. Most often the reason lies in the main problem of the modern world - the lack of time and women's independence. We are so accustomed to take on all the worries in the office, as in the relationship the temptation to control everything is too great. What if he is not interested yet run away? Then do not stay forever in the old maidens.

In a relationship with a man, it is far more important not to make him be with you at all costs, but to lure him, to want him to be with you always. If he comes to this relationship voluntarily with the full knowledge that this is solely his initiative, the probability of keeping him in the future will be much higher.

When should you take the initiative most?

There are also situations where it may be completely meaningless to build a Turgenev girl. For example, seducing a man who knows exactly what he wants from life, completely posing as a victim, is completely useless. Such a person simply does not bite at the lady who seemed to be left in the past and does not represent anything interesting for a serious person.

Bright, eccentric men, although they are not looking for persecution from women, will not mind talking and making relationships with an interesting lady who knows exactly what she needs in this life and whose life does not revolve around men. But this, of course, depends on what you are looking for. Are you ready to be with such a partner?

How to make a man run after you

If you are one of those ladies who differ in classic views on relationships and prefers that men take care of them and seek them, then everything is not so simple. The question is how to make a man understand that you are interested in him and motivate him to run after you.

  • Be unapproachable: although it would seem quite illogical, for many men it acts very attractively. They are so pleased to feel like hunters that they will gladly try to conquer you.
  • Be benevolent: so you, at least, let him know that he is interesting to you, and you will definitely not face a negative reaction in response to your courtship. Smiles in response to the compliment to start will be quite enough.
  • Be attractive: every man wants his woman to be special, the best of the best and most beautiful. The better you look, the more fans you have.
  • Do not be intrusive: this is exactly what they call "running after a man." With this technique, you will not get anything, but at the risk of spoiling everything. Representatives of the stronger sex are afraid of obsessive women, like fire, seeing them as a threat to their independence, and therefore try to stay away from them. By the way, it is also better to wait to talk about the impending marriage.

By what signs can determine the interest of men

But the most difficult thing is to understand whether you really interested him after all your efforts. Many women believe that they managed to subdue him, and in reality the man only politely responds to attention signs from his side. Or vice versa - he is in love, but the girl is not so sure of herself that she blames everything on good manners.

What signs betray his interest?

  • He does something to impress you: if you haven’t called the restaurant yet, at least I offered you coffee or helped carry the bag.
  • He constantly preens: for your sake he wants to look his best. Have you noticed that he has a new shirt?
  • He builds you eyes: flirting men, although different from the female, but it is not difficult to notice. Smiles, casual touches and pleasant compliments - you will have all this in abundance if you interest him.