30 things that a man does for you when already really attached


Your relationship began violently, it was a really passionate affair. But you both agreed at once that he would not grow into something more serious. The time has passed, you began to notice that something is happening in your bright communication - something that already goes beyond the format of simply intimacy between an adult man and woman.

Meanwhile, your partner still openly does not offer you to transfer the relationship to a deeper level. But there are signs by which one can identify his similar intentions. Read carefully, and then look at the behavior of your ardent fan.

So, a man is clearly ready for a more serious stage if he likes to do these things:

1. Reply to your message within an hour.

2. Plan everything together in advance so that you do not have to clean up at the last minute.

3. Hold your hand when you walk down the street so everyone can see that you are a couple.

4. To hug you, even if you do not have intimacy on this night.

5. Invite you on a romantic date, and not on a regular dinner in a fast food cafe.

6. Remove your account from dating applications and contacts of all his ex.

7. Spend time together when both of you are absolutely sober.

8. Restrain yourself from flirting with other women, regardless of whether you are near or not.

9. Allocate time for you, instead of claiming that he is too busy, or cool off for a couple of hours.

10. Get to know your parents without forcing you to ask for it.

11. Talk to you from morning to night, instead of magically disappearing after sunset.

12. Go to parties, official events and weddings with you.

13. To give you compliments, not only related to appearance. For example, say how great you are laughing or praise your ability to sing beautifully.

14. To treat you to dinner, not expecting that there will be intimacy as a thank you.

15. Sharing your most intimate secrets with you instead of keeping to safe topics like work.

16. Honestly tell you where he goes, what he does and with whom.

17. Invite to relax with his friends instead of scoring on you and hanging out with them.

18. Do not give in to the desire of intimacy with a pretty girl from work, who continues to flirt with him.

19. Introduce you to your friends, parents and everyone you encounter on the street as your girlfriend.

20. Remember your birthday and actually buy a gift for a holiday.

21. Spend the night with you, instead of leaving immediately after intimacy.

22. Talk to whom he writes so that you don’t have to sit and wonder who the hell is at the other end of the line.

23. Trying to dress beautifully for you instead of wearing the same worn t-shirt every day.

24. Keep in touch with you every day instead of going missing without any explanation.

25. Spending time together, even when you have critical days and he will not be able to see you naked.

26. Put your phone away when you talk to him.

27. Only look at you when another beautiful girl passes by.

28. Listen to how you chat about topics that he doesn’t care about, because you care about him.

29. Say what he feels for you and what he wants.

30. Treat you with respect, and not behave, as if you are some kind of toy, from which he can simply achieve intimacy, and then escape.