Fall in love with one SMS: 7 messages to which he will answer

“Stop writing, I'm busy,” he tells you. And not lying! Men doing business are completely absorbed in their work. But we know what to write to him so that he is pleased. He can not answer!

“I don't know how I would have done without you.”

Did he help you, or did he just support you at that moment when you really needed it? Be sure to tell him how his help was needed. It is important for men to know that they are dear to you, and you cannot cope without them.

"You are the best and the only."

He wants to be unique, at least for you. And the only one, of course, because men are big owners. If you accidentally mention it, he will surely answer to thank you.

"I miss you and really look forward to the evening"

And he will be waiting too. How else? If you miss, then surely cooked something special. An evening with your beloved is always very pleasant.

"I want you"

No man can remain indifferent to such a message. Even if very busy. Write him a text message, and he is unlikely to stay at work today.

“A friend took off a photo of a very sexy man. But you're still better. ”

First, you have a girlfriend, and she throws you some men. This, at least, will not let him relax. Well, and secondly, he is better than some kind of sexy man, and this will raise his self-esteem.

"I prepared you a magnificent dinner"

The path to the heart of a man lies where? You know yourself. It’s a sin to a woman to miss such an excellent opportunity to impress a beloved man and settle down in his heart forever. Because if you are smart, beautiful, and even cook delicious, this is just ideal.

“I bought a new lingerie, I can't wait to show it to you”

This is about the same as the phrase that you want it. And even more, today you have something to offer him. Intrigue, anxious expectation and magnificent evening will surely be provided to you.