Simple and with taste: 6 most fashionable hairstyles of this fall

Autumn has already come into its own, and it's time to get acquainted with the autumn trends in 2018. What hairstyles should be done this season?

Shaggy on short hair

Relaxation is still in trend, and the most careless styling for short hair is relevant, as before. Its main advantage is that even if the hair is washed during the day, the appearance will not deteriorate too much.

Negligent waves for long hair

The most stylish, and at the same time the sexy hairstyle according to the men is considered one of the most stylish according to the stylists. It can be made both for a party, and in a daily variant.

Smooth hair

Smooth and straight hair always looks stylish and elegant. The main secret is to give them the right shape. You can fix it using hairspray, or using invisible hair. Unusual and original hairpins will also look very stylish.

Bouffant on the side

This is a great way to add volume to your hairstyle, and at the same time look more stylish and original. It is not at all difficult to make such a hairstyle using the correct hair brush and high-quality lacquer. At the same time it looks very interesting.

Hollywood wave

If you are going to a party, the Hollywood wave will be the most sophisticated option. A big plus of this styling is that you can do it yourself, and it will look like a whole team of stylists has worked on your head.

Laconic braids

Spit also out of fashion. Neat and concise hairstyles are very appropriate in everyday life, and for a special occasion. Too pretentious hairstyle should not be done, but originality will definitely not benefit you.

Asymmetrical styling for short hair

The fashion for relaxation also implies the rejection of straight lines. Skew partings and asymmetrical bouffants and curls will set you apart from the crowd and make you very original. Do not be afraid to overdo it!