6 early signs that your marriage will last forever

Even couples who have the assumption that, perhaps, they should not get married, hope for the best, tying themselves together by family ties.

Even in the best of relationships, there are tiny alarming signs that manifest themselves before marriage, but most couples, immersed in serious love feelings, ignore advice regarding marriage and small premarital conflicts.

You knew that there are differences of opinion and problems - all marriages go through different stages. All couples in conflict. And although no one will be so stupid as to ignore reality, in the depths of their hearts most couples sincerely believe that in marriage love becomes stronger.

The only problem is that the marriage between you and your spouse increases in a strange way. How to find out if everything in a relationship is necessary so that it lasts longer, or will this relationship end in a happy marriage?

Here are 6 early signs that usually show whether your marriage will end in divorce or will last a long time.

1. You are radically disagreeable

This may seem too obvious, but the marriage persists when people respect differences of opinion. When couples talk about their differences as problems, and do not treat them disastrously, one can understand that their marriage will last for a long time. Your spouse is different from you. He thinks, feels and spends money differently, not like you. And this does not change.

If he likes to spend money, work with this trait instead of trying to change it. If your half likes to risk a little to make money, then “fasten your seat belts” and enjoy the ride. In a marriage that does not collapse, differences in the opinions of both spouses are recognized - you need to dig deeper to find out about the strengths and weaknesses of your soul mate - and then work with them, ceasing to dream about changing a person.

2. You love without limits

When you and your spouse accept and love each other for who you are, this is a good sign, your marriage will last a long time. This means that you accept the good, not-so-good and bizarre sides of each other. It also means that both of you share your true thoughts and desires that help the senses grow and become deeper.

3. You accept his past, and he accepts your

No matter who he was, how many women he had, or how he was raised, you do not use it against him. You naturally allow him to find himself and grow with you. You promise never to think that you know everything about him, and instead you swear every day to study with curiosity who he becomes. Your relationship is a complete all-inclusive package (forgiveness and remission of the past are not sold separately).

4. You put each other first

Couples are in a strong relationship when they have made the transition from “I” to “we” in the sense that their first priority is to make each of them feel safe. They apologize after a quarrel for their role in the conflict, even if they think that their fault was insignificant. Husband and wife regularly tell each other what they value, and their sexual relationship brings satisfaction.

5. You communicate with warmth

You will understand that your marriage will last a long time, when you can calmly and openly speak on any topic, even the most difficult ones. You approach these conversations as an opportunity to learn more about your partner, rather than go your own way. You take into account your differences and recognize that it is stronger when you work in a team than as individual players.

6. You are friends who like to spend time together.

Marriages are based on deep friendship and general meaning. Happy couples can resolve the conflict without resorting to negative behavior, including unflattering expressions about each other and criticism. Successful couples are interested in understanding the inner world of another - they remain interested and open to each other. In relationships, temporary difficulties sometimes arise, but love and mutual understanding reign in the pair.