7 moments of life with a woman that men remember all his life

1. First meeting

He may not remember the day, month and season of your meeting, as we, women remember. But then in his memory you remained forever, which was at that moment. And, again, this does not mean that he can tell in what color of dress you were wearing and in what shoes, instead he imprinted your eyes, look, lips, hair, behavior and image in general.

2. First sex

He remembers everything: how it started, the smell of your hair, the taste of your lips, the frantic passion, attraction and a feeling of unlimited pleasure. Indeed, at that moment you were his world, the universe and life in general.

3. Joint travel

Travel is very close, allow you to open each other and learn new facets. It is as if you are living a new little life, after which your relationship goes to a completely different, deeper level.

4. Familiarity with the family

Yes, he remembers that too! The feeling that you and him became like a part of one big team and became even closer.

5. Moving to your apartment

Let this apartment be rented, even if it was just a dorm room, but the fact that you will now live together, and the feeling of euphoria from this is not comparable with anything!

6. Major quarrels and reconciliations

Of course, the key word here is reconciliation. After all, it is so sweet that for the sake of this you can even quarrel! The feelings that we experience after we reunite again give us a big boost of love and a sense of unity.

7. Offer hands and hearts

Perhaps for us, women, the wedding is much more important, but for men it is the proposal that is in the lead in terms of responsibility. After all, this is a very big and important step in life - to unite your destiny with another person and be responsible for his happiness and well-being.