A life

How smart women are offended

My friend Sveta has been living in a happy marriage for 11 years now. Of course, as in any relationship, their union with the husband is not immune from quarrels and misunderstandings. But I can say with confidence that Sveta is the wisest of all women I know. She cleverly manipulates her husband with the help of one simple secret, and I, by the way, simply admire this.

Not so long ago, Sveta was seriously offended by her husband. He stayed at work without warning, came incredibly angry and aggressive, began to cling to his wife at the slightest pretext, criticized borscht cooked with love, and just before bedtime declared that Sveta had recovered.

What would any of us do at Sveta's place? There are three options. The first one is defiantly puffing up and facing the wall, the second one is to throw up a scandal, and the third one is to start crying and call the husband insensitive beast. But Sveta was a smart girl, and she only smiled sweetly at all frills and didn’t react in any way, carrying a cunning plan.

In the morning, Artem woke up as if nothing had happened in a good mood, apparently completely forgetting about the twists and turns of yesterday. Happy Light fluttered nearby, singing an obsessive melody under her nose. Lazily stretching and smacking his wife on the cheek, Artyom went to the kitchen for breakfast. But, lo and behold, breakfast was not on the table! Not your favorite Irish coffee, not a ham sandwich, not an elegant butter dish with butter. Having spanked barefoot on the floor, Artem asked his wife if she had forgotten about his breakfast. To which he received the answer that she is now busy and let him cook himself.

The second surprise was an undressed shirt, twisted trousers and did not want to be the second sock. Usually a working suit with a needle waited for Artem on a hanger. Having managed to get together somehow, Artem went to work, scrolling through the events of this morning with perplexity.

At the end of the working day, Artem rushed headlong home, wanting to share with his wife the good news about the salary increase. Opening the door with his key, Artem ran into the apartment and shouted: “Svetka! Svetka, come here soon! ” Nobody answered his exclamations, and Artem, undressing, went into the bedroom. Sveta was lying on the bed, inserting headphones into her ears, an incomprehensible white substance was put on her face, and she herself was shaking her foot in time with the music. Seeing her husband, she waved her hand limply and closed her eyes.

Understanding nothing, Artem washed his hands and went to the kitchen, because he was terribly hungry. The stove was empty, a mouse hung itself in the fridge, and on the table was a note: "If you want to eat, prepare yourself." About how Artem managed to fry eggs the third time and was never able to turn on the washing machine, the story is silent.

Later in the evening, some cogs spun in his head, and he realized that Sveta simply took revenge on him for yesterday's attacks. Artem smiled happily and went to his wife, who took a bath.

“Svetik, well forgive me. I was a fool yesterday. I understood everything. And your borsch is the most delicious in the world. And you have not recovered at all, dazzling beauty. Well Svetik, I missed you so much, ”and he playfully played his wife's neck and started kissing her. Sveta shrugged her shoulders and, as if nothing had happened, said: “Artem, I am not offended. I just don't want it now. ” And she began to soap, as if her husband and was not there.

This flour, sophisticated for Artyom, lasted exactly 3 weeks - an empty refrigerator, an uncleaned apartment, dirty clothes and the absence of sex. Sveta was sweet and friendly with him, she quite willingly communicated, shared her own problems, but completely withdrew from the duties of his wife.

At the end of 3 weeks, having lost 4 kg, Artem tiptoed into the apartment with a huge bouquet of pink roses. Sveta habitually sat on the couch, staring at the TV. Going to his wife, Artem sat on his knees and laid flowers in front of her. “Light, forgive me. I sincerely repent. I was wrong. I hurt you. Now I understand how much you have always tried for my sake, how much strength you have invested. I did not appreciate it. But now I really know it. Well, forgive the fool. "

Sveta pushed the huge bouquet aside and smiled languidly at her husband, unbuttoning her elegant robe. Yes, now it was safe to say that he realized everything. And then there was a breathtaking sex, a delicious dinner and a wonderful evening in an embrace. And yes, he helped to cook and washed the dishes by Artyom himself, not by Sveta.