7 ways to make a relationship passionate if a spark is gone

Is it normal to lose passion in your relationship and in marriage? And when the fire begins to fade, can it be re-ignited? These questions are asked by most couples, especially those who have been together for years.

When love and passion pass with time, a spark can go out in a relationship, and this is completely normal and natural. In the meantime, if some couples still manage to restore passion and maintain a spark in a relationship, others will not cope with this task.

In order not to be among the latter, both a man and a woman in a pair must work on relationships and bring vivid emotions, pleasant feelings and passion into them.

Here are 7 ways to do this and liven up relationships:

Formulate your expectations and discuss them together.

Time changes a lot. If you and your man are not together for the first year, then perhaps you should take the time to think about the state of your marriage. Share your feelings, worries and expectations. Find out what each of you thinks about the passion in your marriage? What each of you misses, and what does he want? Talk about your expectations and define for yourself, as a couple, that each of you will make a commitment to do something that will help ignite the passion in your marriage.

Hold hands often

When was the last time you held hands? Meanwhile, a similar tactile contact can bring you closer. Hold your hand while walking through the park, or when you are driving. Even sitting in the living room or at the kitchen table - hold hands.

Flirt with each other

Remember how flirting warmed up your passion and attraction to each other, when your relationship just started? So why not keep flirting? It is important not to stop flirting, so that you both feel anxiety and attraction to each other.
Send a playful message to your man or make a flirty gesture. Tell him what you are waiting for when you are finally left alone with him - in a word, turn on all your sexuality.

Invest more in your relationships.

If you notice that the passion in the relationship fades away, start re-investing your emotions and your energy in them. Try to take care of your spouse. So, you will do everything in your power, and if you have true love, your relationship will become even stronger.

Share secrets with each other

Secrets bring together. Create intimacy and intimacy with the help of things that only you know about. Be open to each other and remember the exciting and romantic stories of their relationship, known, sometimes, only you alone.

Touch each other often

We are talking about gentle, caring touches - as often as possible, stroke your man on the back, touch his hands, gently hug. Even when you are out of the house. All this will give the man to understand that you constantly think about him and have very tender feelings for him. This will create a base for intimacy and will spark a spark in a relationship.

Give each other enough time.

Often the fire in a relationship dies away simply because you are constantly busy and you don’t have time for each other. Children, work, household chores and many other responsibilities can isolate you from each other, and you must resist.

Try your best to make time to be alone with your husband. This is very important, so put the "intimate hours" on the top line of your to-do list if you want to return a spark to the relationship.