How to turn on your female magnetism to attract successful men

What is the power of female attraction? With this question in mind, you might have slender legs in stockings with high heels, lush hair and wasp waist ...

Undoubtedly, all this attracts, but the resource of all the above is small. A decent man ready for a serious relationship, "nut" booty today is not surprising. This goodness is more than enough on the screens and in gloss. And because of this, strong, successful, status men are starving quite differently.

This is said and taught so undeservedly so little, preferring other facets of the female image. But you are lucky - after reading this article, you will find out what you lacked so much to attract the best men.
Julia Lanske, a love coach and an expert in finding the perfect match.

The main secret of female magnetism

Weekdays men are full of worries, tense negotiations, calls and issues to be resolved. In this daily “grind” he lacks warmth, tranquility, joy and emotional discharge. He is looking for all this in a woman. And he is looking for a woman who is generous to bright, “tasty”, positive feelings and emotions, in whose arms you dissolve, as in a safe haven, you forget about routine, you relax with your soul.

Therefore, the force of attraction of a woman lies in the ability to skillfully manage his inner state and his expression outward, that is, the transmission of emotions to a man.

Yes, women have more than enough emotions. But imagine that this is a huge orchestra, and a woman is a conductor. Try to keep the winds in shock with drums and so that the violins are not let down. Otherwise, from the inept performance you can’t see not only a standing ovation, but also a man - he will run away, covering his ears.

Emotions need to learn to manage, so that a man ignites them and feeds. But, as practice shows, not all women see the root of success (or failure) of relationships in their emotionality. But it happens that they see, but do not know how to properly “conduct” emotional states - and there are 3 main reasons for this:

1. You underestimate your options.

“I do not believe that at my age it is possible to change,” such installations program a priori on losing. Therefore, the woman also works on herself half-heartedly, sets low goals, or even completely “scores” on herself and unsuccessfully expects her to be loved for who she is. Over the years, the stiffness and conservatism in the image only intensify - that's why "things are still there."

2. You do not live your life

Parents, the environment, the media crush their unwritten postulates and norms: be so, think so, but don't even think about that kind of thing. Dodge the pressure (especially if you are far from 15 years old) oh, how difficult. And inside the true feminine nature boils and breaks out, and it has to be suppressed. Therefore, many women are so cornered that they are even afraid to show themselves from the other side.

3. You give up. “I'm tired of being alone, but nothing comes out of me”

Sometimes it seems that you are behaving wisely, correctly - and everything should turn out by itself. But you can’t see your log in the eye without any help: therefore, even if you think that you are fine in everything, the men around you may think completely differently. Self-esteem and confidence are falling, and the situation is only aggravated in a vicious circle.

Believe it is never too late to change if you clearly see the motion vector and the potential result.

And also when you feel possible traps and know how to overcome any barriers on the way!

Where are these traps, and how not to get stuck in them forever alone?

Now I want to give you a “minefield” card - 7 barriers that women have in their personal lives because of their inability to manage their emotional state. Remember them and get round. This will require practice - where without it! I advise you to work out each barrier separately - so your emotional memory does not “freeze” from overload.

Barrier 1. Jam in 2−3 "masked" models of behavior: at work, shopping, communicating with loved ones, in transport

We do not notice our usual gestures, grimaces and facial expressions. We do not hear how we communicate with men, strangers, as our voice jumps when we are sad, swearing or admiring. Therefore, learn to spy on yourself more often to hone all the facets of your feminine nature: voice, breath, imagination, facial expressions, clamps and blocks in the body. Not bad to master the basics of acting skills - so that your emotional game looks as natural as possible and becomes a habit.

Barrier 2. Inability to respond to spontaneous, provocative situations

It happens that before a meeting or a conversation with a man, women rehearse the upcoming event, tune in to the desired wave. But any force majeure or sudden male provocation immediately cause a system failure: the woman is lost, drops her charm and composure. Hello to you, sweaty palms, shrill notes in the voice and nervous tearing of napkins and toothpicks within reach!

Learn to take yourself to your beloved, calm and align the steering wheel of your inner state when you are blown away like a ditch in a ditch. Even if a nuclear wave has just been declared, you must radiate confidence, relaxation, attractiveness and harmony with yourself. And it will "include" a man.

Barrier 3. Avarice of emotions due to negative beliefs, monotonous lifestyle, introversion from nature

Remember the main secret of female magnetism - emotions, sensuality. Hardness, callousness and coldness - this is what men see every day in the struggle for a place in the sun. Therefore, the insensitivity of women repels men, for them it is akin to the absence of sexuality.

The emotionality of men is by nature much lower than that of women. Therefore, they replenish this vital resource with the help of the emotions of the weaker half of humanity. To become such a desirable source for men, learn to tune in to the positive and exude positive energy. Regular practice and working tools will help to come to this effortlessly.

Barrier 4. The growing number of facial wrinkles that do not add beauty and sow a grain of self-doubt

We are all not young, and each new wrinkle is minus 50 points from your self-esteem. Unfortunately, it is impossible to eradicate it, so learn to focus on other attractive details of your image. A man will not notice that a new wrinkle has settled on your face, when your charisma, a sparkling sense of humor and a complete understanding of his nature and desires will eclipse it.

The best doctor for mimic wrinkles is the study of the muscles of the face, its relaxation. The work with the inactive muscles of the face is especially important: their static nature forms mimic folds on the skin. A mirror to help you!

Barrier 5. Uncontrolled gestures

There are either too many or too few. These are the two extremes that deprive the image of a woman of harmony and femininity.

When working on your emotional state, do not forget about the non-verbal signals of your body (gestures, gait, postures), which sometimes will say more than words. Body language will either give out your true mood and energy, either keep silence about something, or tell the man exactly what he wants to hear if you are masterly in this language.

Barrier 6. Inability to switch

Taking everything to heart, we women easily fall into a state of negativity — problems at work, quarreled with a friend, and the cashier in the supermarket was rude. Horror! And everything, you are upset, day is awry. What is most dangerous in this situation: the negative can be contagious for those near you. Especially for men.

Therefore, it is important to learn how to switch: do not deceive others, accumulating and crushing negative emotions inside. And really become positive when you need it.

Barrier 7. The effect of the protective shell

Life is sometimes not sugar: we get tired of its dynamics, problems and difficulties. From fatigue, we are not always able to adequately respond to unpleasant events. All this flows into tightness, insecurity, and a complete imbalance of the internal and external state.

The way out of this is the ability to reflect the daily negative. Learn to enjoy pleasant trifles, look for them everywhere. Look for additional sources of energy (both in yourself and in the environment), they will help you to tune in to positive thinking. Focus only on what you need, on what keeps your inner balance, not destroying. So your self-esteem will get stronger, there will be more self-confidence and a desire to change your life.

The palette of your emotions - what color do you prefer?

There are 9 basic emotional states of a woman: love, joy, surprise, sadness, fear, anger, excessive heroism, peace (amorphism), disgust. As you can see, there are only two positive ones, the rest are either borderline or negative. We are all human, and sometimes we fall into one, then into another state. And often under the influence of this, unconsciously tend to lose attractiveness.

Why is acting so necessary for every woman? The actress knows herself, externally and internally, has control over herself: her condition, facial expressions, gestures, gait, movements, voice. Knows how to be different, many-sided. And if you borrow this art of reincarnation from actresses quite a bit, it will not be difficult for you to manage different emotional states, remaining at the height in the eyes of a man.

It is important to be able to be an actress - not to deceive a man, no! And to control the situation and its attitude towards you. The female body and its expression are powerful tools that can give a man warmth and sensuality, and sometimes freeze the heart, like the Snow Queen. Listen to what emotions you transmit to a man, become the mistress of herself, absolutely free from circumstances. And then you can control the situation and their outcome, and not vice versa. What I, Julia Lanske, sincerely wish you!