Why you shouldn’t comb your hair when it’s wet: ban stylists

Are you used to combing your hair right after you left the bathroom? You should give up this habit if you want your hair to be healthy and strong.

The fact is that when you comb wet hair, you are bad for them. Wet strands during combing are less ductile and disobedient, the comb does not smoothly glide over them, but clings to them and may break or pull hairs. It will be very difficult to restore their structure later - at least it will take you a lot of time.

In order not to damage the hair structure, before starting to comb them after a bath, gently blot the wet strands with a towel so that it absorbs the excess liquid. Then, if possible, let the hair dry naturally - at least 80%. And only after that proceed with the installation.

By the way, letting your hair dry on its own is much more beneficial for them than drying it with a hair dryer - hot air can burn your hair and they, among other things, lose their shine and healthy appearance.

So, when the hair is dry or only slightly damp, you can start combing. Prefer crests with wide teeth and begin to comb strands from tips to the roots. After you can do the styling with a hair dryer or another styling tool, do not forget to pre-apply a thermal protective agent on the hair.

Even when you have absolutely no time to wait for the hair to dry, let them dry for at least 5 minutes in the air after washing your hair. Even these few minutes will allow to save hair from strong damages.

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