8 rules of a woman who wants to live her life as smart and wise

How often in life we ​​see a picture when a woman, like, clever, beautiful, and happiness escapes from her hands with the persistence of a blue bird. Why it happens? Yes, just those who are truly wise, know exactly how to build their destiny and live according to special laws that do not fit into the generally accepted norms of "smart and good."

1. Always take care of yourself.

A wise woman always, in all circumstances of life will be elegantly dressed, with hair and makeup. The main thing is to remain a lady always and do not forget to care for yourself.

2. To be able to find good even in bad

As they say, if you cannot change the situation, change your attitude towards it. A really smart woman knows for sure that in any, even the most desperate problem, you can always find a way out and turn everything so that there are more advantages than disadvantages.

3. Putting family first

Yes, work, career, self-development - all these are also important aspects of life, but, nevertheless, a wise woman knows for sure that at first she is a mother, wife, daughter, and then everything else. Of course, all these spheres of life cannot be divided or diminish the meaning of one before the other, all roles are dependent on each other and cannot exist separately.

4. Avoid quarrels and conflicts.

An intelligent woman knows for sure that it is impossible to prove anything to anyone with the help of conflicts and clarification of relationships. All this is a direct way only to spend a huge amount of one’s own nerves, strength, energy and time.

5. Live your life

Very often women put a man at the head of his destiny, believing that he is her God, king and sovereign. This is the biggest mistake - plunging into other people, becoming overly attached to them, we miss our own life, becoming a silent and silent shadow.

6. Love yourself

Quality, which is inherent in not all, but only the strongest, wise and intelligent. Self-love is truly difficult if you don’t know how to find the right resources and constantly push your own desires and interests into the background. Only the woman who truly loves herself can gain life happiness and harmony.

7. Do not seek leadership

Leadership is still a man’s prerogative. Therefore, a wise woman never tries to pull the blanket over herself and take the leading position. She will approach management carefully and wisely - so that the man thinks that this is all his business.

8. Be able to let go

One of the most important factors of a happy life is to be able to let go of those people who poison us. Sometimes it is incredibly difficult to do this, because most often they are for us loved, loved and close. But the woman who realizes that next to such people she will be unhappy and knows how to let them go is truly strong and wise.