4 psychological tricks, effects on a man at the level of reflexes

Perhaps, one cannot be surprised by the discovery that our needs originate in our head in the form of reflexes - first unconditional (which are inherent in us from birth), and then conditioned reflexes are developed. Let us recall a school course in biology, the conditioned reflex is a reflex that is acquired by an individual during life. Like that Pavlov's dog, which had saliva in response to the smell. Knowing which points to push and for which levers to pull, you can make your man the best partner in the world.

1. Touch

This is the so-called “anchor” in psychology, with the help of which you can adjust your man to the desired mood and good mood. Choose a kind of caress, for example, stroking the head, neck, back or a gentle touch on any other part of the body, repeat your actions 10-12 times. Perform the procedure at least 3 times a day when your partner is in a bad mood. Soon your touch will be a signal to him that all is well, that is, a strong anchor will be fixed in the mind with which your affection will be associated.

2. Smells

Another sure way to influence a man is smells. The sense of smell plays an important role in arousal, so it can and should be used to good advantage. Before you make love with your partner, always use the same perfume. Do not use them again in any other cases. Soon this smell will be associated with a man with intima, so you will only need to apply a magical smell, and your loved one will immediately become fully armed.

3. Music

Practically the same can be repeated with music, it creates the anchors most firmly in our consciousness. No wonder many couples have loved ones, only their songs and melodies. You can make a selection of music only for you and listen to it only when you are both in a good mood. Soon, these songs will be tuned in a positive way immediately, once you hear them.

4. Voice

Your voice can truly work wonders, see for yourself. To hear a sincere “I love you” from your man, you need to seize the moment of his orgasm, because it is then that all body reactions are the most disabled, consciousness is freed from unnecessary thoughts and practically not controlled by the brain. At this very moment, it is necessary to repeat the man “You love me” loudly and clearly several times. This should not sound inquiring, but affirmatively and confidently. Several such lessons, and this information will literally be written on the subcortex of his consciousness will be laid in his memory, as a matter of course and fundamental.