5 of the most stupid actions of a stupid woman

As you know, an intelligent woman is a rarity. But stupid - a phenomenon occurring more often. But this does not mean that the entire female gender should be dubbed under one line. Just sometimes we tend to commit too rash and rash acts.

1. Pay your man’s debts

Perhaps, it is more stupid than to take a loan or a mortgage at his request and arrange everything for himself. Oddly enough, this is the place to be and is not such a rarity in our time. Women rush to the embrasure so much that they are ready to step over themselves for the sake of a man.

2. Engage in work that doesn’t like

There is nothing worse than a job that you go to as if under a stick, and which does not bring any satisfaction and a sense of self-worth. Often, even a very good salary does not save the situation. Do not ruin your own life and boldly leave where you do not feel the air.

3. Marry by calculation

Such marriages usually do not end in anything good, and the time while you live with your unloved husband turns into torture, self-breaking and suffering. Better become the wife of someone with whom your feelings are truly sincere and mutual, because only then can you build a happy and strong family.

4. Put a man in the center of his life

Men very quickly get used to everything good and begin to use it shamelessly. Therefore, when a woman makes her faithful king, in every way bowing before him, it is highly likely that he will become impudent, hurt, offend and betray.

5. Refuse to change your life

Few people can explain why he did it - for fear of changing his life, fear of mistakes and blunders or indecision. But as time passed, everyone unanimously claimed that they were complete fools, that they could miss the unique opportunity to make their own lives better.