Learn to choose cheap jeans and look expensive in them

High-quality jeans - not a one-time thing, and not for one season. They should look good and modern, as well as lasting for as long as possible. And if you think that good-quality jeans, which will sit perfectly on you and will not stretch after the first wash, can only be found in brand boutiques, then we hasten to please you - this is not the price.

In order for women's jeans to look solid and presentable, you must consider the following characteristics:

Quality of material

Denim fabric consists of natural fibers. This fabric is thick, durable and tough. For sewing trousers using denim with a slight inclusion of synthetics (up to 10% elastane or lycra). This material is called denim. It keeps its shape better, does not stretch out on its knees, and does not form kinks after compression. Denim has a twill weave. The upper thread is blue and the lower fibers are white. In high-quality denim, the type of weaving is clearly visible, creating a distinctive facial (indigo) and seamy (white) side. In its original form, denim is a bright and juicy material. But over time, he can change his color. It is not considered a defect if jeans after the first 2–3 washes fade a little. But, if they paint the legs, this no longer places the material in the category of high-quality. High-quality denim trouser material is different:

- a special type of interlacing threads;

- fiber composition (cotton + lycra, elastane);

- saturated color;

- density, strength of the material.

Symmetry of the model

Choosing denim pants, it is necessary to evaluate their proportionality and symmetry. To do this, the pants fold in half and compare the width, length of galoshes. The symmetry of the model is a prerequisite for the appearance and presentability of jeans trousers. At the same time, they take into account not only the commensurability of the forms, but also the quality of the line, which excludes discomfort during wear. Each leg of denim should be loose and not tightened.

Moderation in the decor

Jeans of the classic version - the perfect option so that the pants look solid and beautiful. Such models do not accept the presence of rhinestones, sequins, embroidery, lace, beads, braid. Back pockets can be trimmed with rivets and trim lines. These accessories gently decorate the product. Scuffing and holes are temporary fashion trends that are not suitable for all women and not for every occasion. Classic - a more acceptable form, not losing its relevance at all times. In such jeans, a woman will always look beautiful and attractive.

Smooth and neat lines

High-quality jeans are distinguished by smooth lines, identical stitch sizes. At the same time, straight stitches of yellow, orange, blue threads appear on the front side. On the seamy side, there is a special type of interlacing stitching. This is achieved through the use of innovative sewing machines, high-quality thread. The quality of threads and a special type of tailoring provides:

- strength of the product;

- reliability;

- great view.

Durable metal zipper with doggie and double retainer

One of the confirmations of the quality of jeans is the installation of durable metal zippers. They provide reliable metal limiters, metal slider with keychain. On the metal keychain may be some engraved decorative elements. Thanks to the double locking slider, zip safety is ensured.