How to wear a red coat to be the center of attention

If this autumn you are going to dominate, become the center of attention and attract the views of others, it’s time to think about what thing to choose this autumn so as not to go unnoticed. If you are not afraid of experiments, a coat of bright red color will be the best solution. However, like other self-sufficient things, it is not always easy to enter into the kit. How to wear a red coat this season to look really stylish?

What to wear a red coat to the knee?

This classic length, it would seem, is not particularly difficult. However, this is only at first glance, but in fact there are some special features.

The perfect choice for such a thing would be concise black skinny pants or jeans on the figure. You should not worry about the fact that such a model is not listed among the trends now - such a combination will help to create a convenient and harmonious image in which you can appear anywhere. It is suitable for every day, and at the same time it will not be too fanciful, but bright and interesting. The red coat is very good in itself, and therefore will replace even the brightest accessories.

With a dress and a skirt such a coat looks no worse, but it is very important to choose the right length here. Ideally, the skirt and coat will be the same length - in this case, there will be no visual flaws. Try not to let the length of the skirt exceed the length of the hem of the coat by more than 10−15 centimeters - in this case, you strongly risk shortening your legs. It is best to look with such a coat skirts straight silhouette or a pencil, but the lush is better to wear in the event that the hem of the coat flared to the bottom.

Whatever skirt or dress you choose, it is better to wear it with dark tights - this will make your legs visually slimmer and balance the whole image.

What can I wear oversize red coat?

If the fitted model makes you an elegant and elegant lady, the oversize coat, so beloved by fashionistas, and even in such a rich color, will recommend as an eccentric lady who likes to be the center of attention. There are not so many requirements for it - it can also be worn with dresses and pants. However, if you chose a wide coat, then it is better to refuse other things in the oversize style - there is a risk to make your figure shapeless. For example, if you want to wear a dress, then the figure should emphasize tight-fitting dress. Skinny jeans will also be a very good solution. They can also be worn with a volley sweater - this is already a winter version.

What colors combine red coat?

The color scheme of the main thing in the image determines a lot. Picking up the wrong combination, you risk completely spoil the whole impression of your kit. What colors are best for combination with a red coat?

  • Black: the classic combination of black and red not only looks great, but also allows you to create a very sexy and snazzy look.
  • Dark blue: as you know, this color is the second black. And it looks no worse. And if you are not timid, try to find more saturated colors.
  • Gray: softer for perception than black, it will make an excellent company of red, and put it in a central place.
  • White: although such a color scheme is not appropriate in any autumn weather, this set claims to be one of the most successful.
  • Green: This is a rather complex color solution that looks very original and interesting. But wearing it is worth it if you are sure that the kit came out successful. In addition, you should bet on the color, preferring simpler styles.


What accessories to wear a red coat?

Of course, you can do without them. However, picking up the right things, you will definitely not do worse. Yes, and do in cold weather without a scarf or hat will be quite difficult.

  • Hats: a dark beanie is perfect for a red coat - this product attracts too much attention, and other accents may be unnecessary. However, if you are not timid, try to create a spectacular image, combining a coat with a beret, a cap with narrow fields or caps - these hats are especially relevant now. Try to choose the most concise headdress - unnecessary decorative elements are not needed here.
  • Scarves and tippets: but to complement the image with a scarf or tippe will be very useful. With a scarf around the neck, the set looks more complete and neat. However, bright colors or prints come to nothing here - it is better to choose a simple monophonic product. Let your red coat be the center of attention.


What shoes to wear a red coat?

The choice of shoes, as in other cases, depends on the style and style direction you want.

Want to create a trendy and effective grunge look? Match your coat with coarse boots that balance a feminine color.

Excellent red coat, especially oversize style, looks with high boots. Heel is undesirable - if you choose boots, let it be a low-heeled model, or even without it.

Neat booties with high heels will help to create an elegant image of a real lady. Depending on your preferences, choose a steady thick heel or thin stud.