Stylists called the 7 laws of the fitting room, which guarantee an excellent purchase.

In the store, your new jumpsuit looked the cutest, and when you come home and try it on in your room, do you notice that you don’t like it? The fact is that you have not studied well enough thing in the fitting room.

Here are seven mistakes you can make during a fitting, and as a result choose the wrong clothes.

You took in the fitting room only one size.

Even if you are absolutely sure about your size, it will not hurt you to grab a pair of others for a fitting, so that you can compare and compare how each size sits on you. Sometimes a small difference, even an extra couple of centimeters, may seem rather significant.

You are wearing the wrong bra

We all love to go to the store comfortably clothed, but if you try on a T-shirt in a sports bra, remember that they will sit on you differently than when you wear a regular bra or push-up. It’s best to see if the store sells lingerie and take your size bra into the fitting room. If there is no underwear in the store, then during the fitting, take off your bra to better understand the fit of this or that thing.

You forget to sit down

Trying on new shorts, pants, skirts, overalls, or dresses, do not forget to check how they behave in different situations: for example, if you lean or sit. If there is no chair in the fitting room, then just squat down. Are you comfortable? Does the thing look and behave well or does it cause discomfort? Answer these questions before heading to the checkout.

You do not take heels with you

If you see a pencil skirt that you plan to wear with heels, ask a consultant to give you shoes for fitting. So you can visualize what the outfit will look like in life. In extreme cases, stand on the socks.

You do not use a multi-mirror

A multi-pane mirror is the best way to check how your outfit looks completely from all sides.

You do not check the thing in another light

Fitting rooms are designed to make you look your best. If you like the outfit you try on, leave the fitting room and look at it in a new light.

You do not take a selfie in the mirror

And we are not joking. The camera can show you what you will not see with your own eyes, looking in the mirror. If you like the way you look in the picture, then feel free to go to the cashier.