What are the men: 5 types that should be avoided


The union of two assumes that both partners will realize such qualities as respect for each other, help and support. If there is acceptance of these attitudes, life will be happy, not knowing what kind of men there really are, you can get into a break through difficult situations.

Men are different, it is difficult to recognize their "pitfalls", but it will be even harder to live with someone who is ready to make you a suffering and crying victim. Learn to recognize bad candidates, and you will save yourself from many problems.


If you begin to look for the answer to the question: what kind of men are there, then you need to decide: it belongs to the type of miser, its stinginess will be noticeable. Sometimes, being carried away by an unfamiliar man, a woman notices that, to put it mildly, he does not shine with generosity. When you meet this person, you think that he is economical, and that’s good. Practicality in life can be useful. Maybe you get the idea that he has temporary financial difficulties, so something like this “breaks out”. This is fixable, with whom it does not happen, you console yourself.

But in vain you are looking for an excuse for such a man! Meanness should alert you from the first minutes of its manifestation. After all, greed can be a feature of his character. She “will impose her paw” not only on the financial part of your relationship, it will manifest itself in caring, attention, sharing your emotions, and sometimes, and suffering. Greed applies to everything. You will receive nothing from a greedy man: full-fledged love with bestowal, which should be mutual, is alien to him. He strives for accumulation, and this means - he wants to take everything without giving anything in return. You will never have with a greedy man, a sense of reliable rear.


Male tyrant is not uncommon. Do not be frivolous about this. Imagine a partner who does not know how to share neither sorrow nor joy. He does not react to tears, the spiritual sufferings of other people and yours, including, are alien to him. For whom it is not necessary to marry, so it is for a person who shows callousness, cruelty, inattention to you. Do not write it on his employment, problems, bad mood, and so on.

By the way, immediately recognize despotism in a person, not everyone succeeds. Tyrants are not revealed for a long period, they initially seem to be restrained, not able to care. People, without showing their emotions in any way, in fact simply do not experience them. Therefore, in the future, they can raise a woman's hand, and even beat her.

Does not respect women

Building a healthy relationship with someone who does not respect women is almost impossible. A bad man is one who, from an early age, was “not instilled” respect for the weaker sex. It will always be difficult with him, because:

  • among his priorities, you will never be in first position;
  • living with such a husband for a long period you will never feel special;
  • you will always give more than you will give;
  • taking care of him every hour, you will try to earn his love;
  • you can never dictate your terms.

If a woman loves so much that she is ready to put on herself a “cross” for his sake, then please. But you must value yourself - you came to this world to be happy, and not become an object of disrespect.


Who among women does not dream of being cared for, protected against possible troubles, protected and loved. But if you are an egoist next to you, you will have to forget about your dreams. “Ego” is interpreted as “I am.” I, in such a man, always in the first place, and you - in the second.

How does this manifest itself:

  • you can’t criticize him. He is always right;
  • a selfish man often praises himself when he talks about what has been accomplished, forgetting that you helped him with this. For example, graduate with honors. It was you who took all the trouble and finished it yourself somehow. Now he has an honors degree, forgetting about your sacrifices;
  • the egoist will never give up on controversial issues: for example, you want to go to your mom for the weekend, and he will insist on meeting with friends. He is not inferior either in trifles or in global issues;
  • he commands you;
  • when you want support in this situation, he will not do that.

Lazy person

The man is a lazy - a pitiful sight. Usually, the marriage situation will be such that a woman will have to carry the burden of homework on herself. Well, of course, he thinks he earns more and you have to do everything at home. This position is lazy, who does not want to help you. It is easier to lie on the couch and watch as the wife cleans, cooks, launders, buys food. He does not consider it necessary to divide domestic work. At the beginning of life together, such a position may seem, even sweet. You love your husband and are ready for anything, but he perceives it not as a sacrifice for the sake of love, but somehow, which you should do. Lazy people should be immediately put in place, otherwise you will be dragged along.


An infantile man is always guided by his own interests. Such a spouse often violates their obligations. The wife will play the role of mother in life. And he will "nobly" allow himself to care for, love himself. He will not have difficulty, they will have you. This type is always “comfortable” conveniently, and therefore your intentions to correct it will not be successful. He is comfortable, and the rest - your problems.

Women can forgive a lot, they can love and close their eyes to shortcomings. But there are trifles, but there are unrecoverable character traits. It is difficult to put up with such problems, they will eradicate, I will kill love. Happiness with such men, a woman will not experience not at the beginning, not at the end.