This style will make even inexpensive shoes look ornate.

As you can see, this summer there were “cheap” materials in trend — for example, shell earrings, beaded bags and rubber slippers. However, in the autumn everything is completely different. This season, according to tradition, expensive materials are held in high esteem. This is especially true of shoes. At the same time, when shoes look expensive - it immediately lifts the image to a new level and makes your entire outfit visually more elegant.

But the main thing in this autumn trend is that you do not have to spend a fortune on shoes that look expensive. Surprised? In fact, everything is simple. The secret is that there is one type of shoe that is inexpensive, but looks like a million. We are talking about shoes made of artificial crocodile skin. In the trend now it is she.

Shoes with the effect of a crocodile skin could be seen at the autumn-winter shows of many popular designers, and most importantly - it appeared in the shoe collections of mass-market brands like Mango and Zara - at a very affordable price. So, if you have not gone there for a budget "luxury", then it's time to do it.

The beauty of a crocodile skin shoe is that, firstly, not a single crocodile was injured during its creation, secondly, it looks as expensive and elegant as possible, and thirdly, it will not cost you a fortune.

Take a closer look at ankle boots, half boots, mules, as well as faux crocodile loafers. Do not be afraid to choose different shades - from dark brown to white and red.

You can wear this kind of shoes every day with jeans and a trench, or for special occasions with tights or pantsuit.

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