9 subtleties to which men pay attention, and we do not guess

When it comes to attracting men, many women believe that men only notice their breast size and priests, and in most cases this is what guys notice in women in the first place.

However, not all men do so and not always. Believe it or not, men notice much more than your forms.

Here are a few things that men pay attention to when they meet you.

Your personality

Even if you are a copy of Megan Fox, you will not be successful in relationships with men (at least long-term) if your character is stale, callous and frankly bad. No matter how it seems that men love with their eyes, they attach great importance to the personal qualities of a woman, with whom they are going to build not temporary, but serious relationships, and notice everything in your character to the last detail.

Your nails

Thought only women can appreciate manicure? In fact, this is almost the first thing that men pay attention to when they meet with a woman. It is important for them that her nails are well-groomed and beautiful. Nails for them is an indicator of how well a woman cares for herself.

Your finances

Of course, this does not apply to all men, but many of them attach great importance to how financially you are provided. Although there are men who are ready to provide a woman with money, there are those who are not ready to do this. And some men thus want to be sure that women are not with them because of money, because they do not need them.

Your self esteem

In unhealthy relationships, men are for the fact that women have low self-esteem - so they can raise their own. At the same time, real men want to see next to them a confident and courageous woman who even skillfully transforms her weaknesses into advantages.

Your sense of style

Do you think men do not understand fashion? Very nothing. Men almost always meet women by clothes. For some men, the way you dress can be a major factor in deciding whether they want to meet with you. Moreover, many men have fetishes: someone, for example, is crazy about leggings, and someone - from high heels.

How active is your social life

Just as women love to meet a man who has many good friends and an active social life, so also men want to meet women who have a wide circle of contacts. However, of course, everything is individual.

How much common sense is in your mind

The man. tuned to a serious relationship, be sure to take into account how you argue and how to analyze this or that situation. It is important for him to know how you react to things and whether this coincides with his idea of ​​the correct one.

Your smile and laugh

Men immediately notice if you always keep a stern or disgruntled face and vice versa - if you are smiling and sincerely laughing. Sensible men, as you probably guess, choose the latter.

Your smell

Most likely, this is not a secret for you: most men, in fact, simply go crazy about how a woman smells. If you wear perfume, they will remember your brand smell. If you have a certain individual smell of skin and hair, they will also notice it. From now on, your smell will be imprinted in their memory for a long time, if not for life.

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