5 mistakes in the design of the eyebrows, which makes each of us

Eyebrows have gone from barely noticeable eyebrows, strings, which we wore in 2007, to more thick and wide styles. Despite established trends, we often make mistakes in the design of the eyebrows, not taking into account the features of our face. We have collected the 5 most common mistakes in the design of the eyebrows, from which you should get rid of.

You pluck your eyebrows at random

Removing a few hairs here and there seems harmless enough, but even a pair of incorrectly plucked hairs can spoil the shape of the eyebrows, so it’s best to entrust it to professionals. If you still want to make eyebrows on their own before you pull out, determine their future shape. Outline the desired shape with a pencil for eyebrows - everything should be symmetrical and aligned. After that, pull out hairs that go beyond the indicated boundaries. This will help you not to make mistakes while plucking eyebrows.

You leave the funds for the face on the eyebrows

Creams, serums, sun lotions and other skin care products are good for our skin, but not for our eyebrows. According to experts, when any means remain on the eyebrows, it blocks hair follicles, which can lead to loss of eyebrows and prevent them from growing back. So always clean your eyebrows.

You are using a magnifying mirror

Magnifying mirrors often cause errors during eyebrow shaping. Close-ups can lead to obsession with every detail, and as a result you can remove more hairs than you need, since you do not see the overall picture of how your eyebrows look in general. Therefore, brovisty advise during the design of eyebrows to look in a normal mirror, not bringing the face too close to him, and also always look at the result after each plucked hair. This will allow you to see the full picture and will not allow you to go beyond the boundaries.

You cut the hairs too much

When in doubt, it is always better to trim the hairs less than more. When you shorten them too short and uneven, eyebrows may look thinner, bent down and coarse. To avoid this, first of all comb your eyebrows with a brush and very carefully cut only the very tips of your eyebrows so that your eyebrows remain fluffy.

You're going to do microblading.

Are you going to do microblading? Think again and then another. This procedure will certainly help you no longer spend time on your eyebrows, if done professionally. But there are serious risks associated with it. First, microblading is permanent, so that if the master suddenly makes a mistake with the shape of the eyebrows, you can no longer fix it. Secondly, there is a risk that the initial dark hue of the strokes may fade over time and turn into a purple-blue or pink. And thirdly, with age, our eyelids drop, and when you want to raise your eyebrows and give them a new shape so that your face looks young, you, unfortunately, will make it very, very difficult. So be careful and use a harmless, but no less effective eyebrow pencil.