The time is up: 5 trends from last year that are no longer relevant

Trends - the concept of volatile and changeable. Today, all the houses of the mod shout about some ultrafashionable thing, but tomorrow it is already losing its position, and wearing such a thing is considered the height of bad taste. So that you do not fall into this situation, take a look at the list of trends in 2018, which are best left in the past.

Narrow glasses

Narrow sunglasses are a real discovery of 2018. World pop icons and bloggers acquired this particular accessory, after which he went to the masses. Despite the crazy popularity, narrow glasses - a very insidious thing. They really only go to girls with complex and disproportionate facial features. Interest in them went out as quickly as it flashed, so in 2019 there is no place for this accessory.

Lingerie top

Tops in the linen style for several years in a row is considered a must-have of any fashionista. This is an attribute for all occasions: in the winter we wore them under cardigans, in the summer - with jeans and shorts. But in the last year, the underwear style has become so much that this trend has exhausted itself. This year, these tops, it is desirable to use only for their intended purpose.

Oversized Sweater

Last year, fashionable women quickly felt love for comfortable and warm oversized sweaters that hide any figure flaws. This attribute would hang in the closet and beyond, if not for the advanced mod home. In 2019 they headed for femininity and realized that a voluminous sweater does not match with tight pants.

Waist bag

A belt bag became a fashionable discovery in 2017 and the entire 2018 year was in trend. But, like all other trendy things, the "banana" came to an end. If you are not yet ready to say goodbye to this accessory, pay attention to the smallest versions of the waist bags, which are more like a case for small things. All other models in 2019 can be bad taste.

Sneakers "dad sneakers"

The dad sneakers sneakers were a real must-have last year. Street styler wore them not only with jeans, but also dresses. By the end of the year, they still made sure that these shoes were heavy, their leg became visually larger, and the freshness of the image was lost. If you are trying to follow fashion trends, then in 2019, look better at the feminine shoes.
@ sneaker.style21