If you had one of these 6 dreams, you have something to worry about.


Our dreams, as we know, are the expression of our subconscious thoughts, fears and emotions. Often dreams are muddled and there are a lot of symbols and allegories in them, which, when we wake up, we try to explain ourselves and interpret.

Of course, some people believe that dreams have absolutely no real meaning. However, many experts claim the opposite. According to them, some of our dreams can somehow reflect what is bothering us in our lives.

Here are some common types of dreams that can point out something that worries you in real life.

Remember, however, that any interpretation of dreams is conditional - everything is individual and you should act as your intuition tells you.

You fall

If in a dream you see yourself falling into the abyss, descending into a hole or just falling to the floor, perhaps in life you feel at a crossroads and do not know where to go, you can not predict the result of your actions. It is also possible that you are worried about problems or important projects at work. Somehow, such a dream suggests that you are overwhelmed and you need rest.

You are naked in public

Most often, such dreams can be described as follows: you are standing in front of your colleagues and presenting a new project, when suddenly everyone starts laughing and you find yourself standing completely naked in front of them. Most likely, such a dream suggests that you feel unprotected and vulnerable, and you also feel that you have received increased attention from certain people. Or perhaps you told someone a secret about which you shouldn’t, and you are very afraid that he will become the property of a wide circle of people.

You or someone you know dies.

Do not worry - dreams of death are rarely associated with death in real life. They are usually associated with changes in it. If you dream that someone is dying, you may have noticed a change in this person recently: he behaves differently and does not look like himself - as if the features that you valued so much have died in him.
Experts also note that young mothers often see in their dreams that their child is dying, and this is usually due to the fact that the child grows and changes - both externally and temper.

If you dream that you yourself are dying - this may be a signal to you, that you have changed as a person, and the time has come to understand yourself.

You change or you change

Many women perceive such dreams as prophetic and think that in this way their foreboding warns them of treason. But in fact they are mistaken. According to experts, dreams of treason are often experienced with treason in the past — you may be worried about what a new man can change for you, as your ex did.

If you have never been changed, and you see such a dream, then this may mean that everything is fine in your relationship and you are in constant fear that something can destroy the idyll. “And what if a beloved man changes me?” - you are afraid, and this question is projected in your dream.

On the other hand, if you change yourself in a dream (often women see that they are cheating on their husbands with a boss), then this usually means that you are trying to control at work that while you are not succeeding, you are trying to gain power over someone .

Are you chasing someone or someone chasing you

If you are haunted in a dream, it often means that you are hiding something from someone, or you may not have time to do a project at work by the set deadline. Most often in such dreams your legs do not listen to you and as if stuck in a swamp - this means that you do not want to look at problems face to face, but you know that this is inevitable.
If you yourself are pursuing someone in a dream or are looking for something, you are probably in search of solutions to certain problems in life.

You fly

Such dreams reflect your sense of carelessness or desire for something pleasant. However, if the dream is about the fact that you are flying and do not feel from this pleasure, it may mean that you don’t like it when the situation is not under control - you want to stand on your feet in life and feel supported.

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