Perfect perfume for your zodiac sign


We rely on the horoscope for many issues: from love tips to hairstyle ideas. The horoscope can also tell us our perfect flavor.

Here are the notes best suited for each zodiac sign.


Energetic Aries women are always enthusiastic, ready to start projects from scratch and accept challenges. Do not lose your balance and stand firmly on your feet will help you saturated woody aromas with cedar notes.
Lurk AS 01 Perfume Oil


Reliable, artistic and sensual Taurus women will suit aromas with notes of tobacco, which set the mood and give confidence.
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille


Bright and charismatic women Twins love to communicate. They are witty, clever and sweet, but often spend all their energy in communication. Lavender will help you calm down and feel in harmony with yourself.
Rodin bis


Emotional and sensitive Cancer women may suffer from extreme mood swings. Aromas with notes of gardenia can lift your spirits and provide emotional balance.
Kai eau de perfum

a lion

Charismatic and romantic Lions like no one else love to be the center of attention. An ideal fragrance for typical representatives of this sign is a perfume with pink notes.
Le Labo Rose 31


Virgos are famous perfectionists. According to experts, a great fragrance option for dev - oriental fragrances with warm notes of incense. They will help the hardworking Virgos to relax and feel calm.
Chanel coco noir


Intelligent, charming and diplomatic Scales may seem very simple. But this is only at first glance. Spicy notes of black pepper appeal to the sensual side of Libra, and also help them recharge their batteries.
Penhaligon's Juniper Sling


Confident and extremely attractive, Scorpio woman is the main star of the party, and she is ready to conquer everyone around. Tuberose essential oil cleverly adapts to the passionate nature of the Scorpions and at the same time holds down emotional critical points.
Diptyque do son


A self-confident, generous and extremely unique Sagittarius female is sociable and enterprising. To balance your sometimes excessive energy, you should take a closer look at the fragrances with notes of vetiver.
Narciso Rodriguez For Her


Resolve and sincerity are your main personality traits. You are strong, purposeful and practical. Notes of jasmine will allow you to reveal your sensual side, which is often hidden from the eyes of others.
Calvin klein beauty


Sincere and interested in justice, Aquarius women are purposeful and resourceful. You are perfectly suited aromas with notes of petitgrain (orange leaves) and neroli, which will help you maintain balance and creative side of your personality.
Acqua di Parma Acqua Nobile Gelsomino


Dreamy, creative and intuitive, Pisces women are often divorced from reality. Sandalwood notes will help you to feel the soil under your feet and give confidence.
Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black