Rating of the most cynical signs of the zodiac


Scorpio is one of the most cynical signs of the zodiac. Do not allow yourself to trust them and try not to fall into their blacklist, because they are really ruthless. The enraged Scorpio is unstoppable, for the sake of his own safety, he can only be avoided.


At first, the cheerful and cheerful twins can instantly turn to their dark side. Their duplicity manifests itself in all its glory, when behind your back they say something quite different from what you used to hear from them in person. The real devils are in the flesh.


You never know what kind of relationship you have with Capricorn cold and ice-cold like control. Staying away is the best solution, especially if you understand that they are clearly not in the mood. Only his abrupt change can play in your favor, but up to this point it is better to exclude any contact with them.


Aries are always sure they are right. Most of all they love to argue and put others in place, receiving special pleasure from the sound of their own voice. However, most often their truth is so subjective that it borders on untruth. All because of their absolute self-righteousness and infallibility.


Superficial and obsessed only on the external component, Libra will happily exclude you from the list of his friends, if you put on something that they do not approve of. Do not entertain yourself with hopes: harmony and balance in their case are impossible without total subordination.


Stubbornness and cynicism - not the most pleasant combination. Taurus is incredibly ambitious and focused only on achieving their own goals, but this does not prevent them from using prohibited methods to achieve the desired. Caught in their way, you can suffer greatly.

a lion

The cynicism of Lviv is due to narcissism and selfishness. This is inherent in their nature and is hardly negotiable. Lions value themselves more than any other, therefore they do not allow anyone to show disrespect to themselves and severely stop any attempts to undermine their authority.


Passive-aggressive Pisces are able to bring any person to depression. Together with the often bad mood, Pisces are sometimes simply unbearable. However, pointing them to specific shortcomings, you risk on a joke to hurt their feelings.