Love story

Mercantile rubbish or shy: Whom will men choose?

My brother Roma is married for the second time. I remember his first wife Ksyusha very well. How did she infuriate and irritate me and my mother. A sort of self-satisfied fool, who considers herself a goddess, and the rest so, garbage, wallowing under their feet. Ksyusha was the owner of a silicone breast size 5, pouting lips, causing makeup and the obligatory 20-centimeter stiletto.

Her whole life consisted of envy, counting money and a list of requirements that she needed for a happy life. And she needed, as much as a three-room apartment in the center of Moscow, a cool car, a rest at sea, at least 2 times a year and an indefinite subscription to the solarium and beauty salon.

Alas, Roma could not provide all this luxury with his beloved, but he tried as much as possible. I was looking for a part-time job, clinging to any opportunity to earn money, and soon I opened several car repair shops, which brought quite a good income. But Ksyusha was not enough, she needed a mink coat to the heels and a necklace with diamonds, and Roma did not have enough money for that. Soon she found herself rich Buratino, older than her by 20 years, and successfully abandoned my brother.

Roma's second wife, Sveta, immediately embraced all the members of our family. The exact opposite of Ksyusha is a modest, sophisticated, friendly, wonderful mistress and mother. At their home they always smell deliciously, children are happy and satisfied, Roma is fed, ironed and caressed, in general, an ideal family. And, to all this, Sveta absolutely does not need diamonds, fur coats, Maldives and cool cars, she appreciates and is content with what she has.

One day, during a frank conversation, my brother quietly admitted to me that Sveta was of course very good, but he could never forget Ksyusha, because he still loves her. To my question “What did you find in this shrew?”, Roma replied that she was exactly the woman for whom a man is ready to get up from the couch and go to perform feats and achieve something. Ksyusha was a woman who inspires. That's all her secret.