We make the basic wardrobe for the fall: a list of mandatory accessories


Even a warm autumn look should not be boring. You can create a stylish set that will be no less interesting than a feminine dress, and we will tell you how to do it. All you need is fashionable accessories for fall 2018, without which you just can't do without this season.

Coat is among the top autumn favorites among fashionistas. But in and of itself, it will never look so good. It's not just the right shoes - you need to choose trendy jewelry, bags and hats. What accessories to the coat can pick up?


If in the summer hats are more like an addition to the image, then in the fall it is a real need. With them, you can protect yourself from the weather, and create a kit that will make you look like a fashion blogger or a celebrity.

For example, now in a trend wide-brimmed hats, caps and beret. You will definitely be the center of attention. The beret, which will add French chic to your look, enjoys special attention. How to wear beret this fall?
It is ideal to combine any headgear, and first of all, take it with a coat. However, fashion trends suggest more interesting options: it takes with a leather jacket and even with a down jacket.

Contrast bag

Although many women do not attach importance to this, seasonality also applies to bags. Namely, those accessories that you wore in the summer, in the autumn will not work. First of all it concerns materials. For example, fashionable rag bags for the fall will not work - they risk losing their appearance very quickly. It is more correct to give preference to leather products.

Style matters, too. In the autumn it is worth picking up bags that are more concise in style, which do not hamper movement. The ideal option would be a cross-body, which is still very relevant. If you want to look more interesting, you can beat the image with bright colors.

  • Red will be the main bright spot in your image. With such a bag you will not go unnoticed, and it fits, surprisingly, to almost everything.
  • The black color remains just as versatile, even when it comes to the bag. If in the summer such an accessory may be out of place, then in the autumn this is what you need. It is better to wear it in contrast, with a coat of light color.
  • The white color of the bag can hardly be called practical. However, it works in the same way as red. This bag will attract attention, but the image will remain soft and concise.


Long scarf or tippet with coat

Wearing a coat or autumn jacket without a scarf is at least impractical. The throat is a weak spot and must be protected. Moreover, it can be done very stylishly.
It’s not so difficult to choose a tippet or a scarf for autumn - you can pick up the product to match the tone, creating an interesting mono look, or choose contrasting shades by placing accents in the image. Another interesting option - scarves and stoles with bright and unusual prints.

Brooches and pins

Jewelry and jewelry in the fall, too, has not been canceled. You can make the image more interesting if you use unusual decorations or an original way of using them. For example, a fashionable brooch looks great on a coat, take it or even a scarf. You can use it as a button, prick collar coat.

An alternative option will be unusual decorative pins, which not only will be an excellent decoration in the image, but also have practical use. They are the ones who will come to your rescue if a button comes off the coat or the zipper on the bag breaks.

Earrings and bracelets

Another decoration, without which it can not do this season: large earrings. Even with the simplest coat, they look elegant and interesting. It can be both long spectacular earrings, and just large jewelry with a concise design. If you choose earrings and refuse other jewelry, they will be appropriate in almost any way.
@ streetrendsLarge bracelets are also worth noting, as the idea of ​​an autumn accessory. On the catwalks and in the street trends, the girls wear voluminous bracelets, putting on their coats on the sleeves. Unusual, but very original: this is a stylish solution for the most daring fashionistas.