5 hard questions yourself, which can not be put off if you want to be happy

Are you ready to do everything to be happy?

Usually this question gives people a reason to think and seriously think about how badly they want to be happy. Happiness requires some bold changes.

I am often asked how I managed to create a happy and abundant life, despite the death of my son, financial ruin after a divorce, and my responsibilities for caring for my disabled son and my new husband with progressive sclerosis.

They see the difficulties I experienced and the difficult choices I needed to make in order to be happy, and they want to find out how they can do the same. I will tell you that it was not easy, it was a slow way, but I finally overcame the darkness and again became a more joyful person. That is why I began to help other women who are struggling to find happiness and live a full life.

Many of us share similar desires: we want to be appreciated, that we achieve personal realization and have a partner with whom we can share experience. We want to feel passion and full life. But for many, these goals seem unattainable. If you are disappointed that you do not live the life that you represented, this may be due to the fact that you apologize. Some of them include the decision to “postpone” their own happiness for the sake of their children.

Yes, you can be happy today. But this will require you to honestly look at yourself and answer the following five questions:

1. Are you ready to admit your fears?

Can you unravel what you’re really afraid of and recognize it not only for yourself, but also for your best friend, colleague or family member? Only when we begin to treat ourselves honestly can we create true change.

2. Are you ready to make important changes?

Yes, change is scary. Whether it is a change in social status, marital status or career, you will need to change things, if you are not happy or satisfied. Sometimes these are minor changes, such as raising a teenager in a different way. This can lead to the loss of friends, the need to move into a smaller house, or even break off a relationship with a husband who has problems with addiction. Understand that you will never get other results if you continue to do the same.

3. Are you ready to make yourself a priority?

Thinking about yourself is not selfish - it is self-preservation. Women are educators, and we give all our attention to everyone, usually sacrificing our dreams, to create a family and support our partner. Making yourself a priority is more than just having lunch with a friend or playing sports. He seeks to retake your delayed dreams and live his life on his own terms, even if it means turning your life around.

4. Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Physically, emotionally and financially. Often we forget about taking care of our own health, because we are too busy taking care of our children. We create our work schedules to meet our maternal responsibilities. We are ultimately under stress because we continue to send our children to summer camps and schools when we cannot afford it, because we don’t want to say no. We allow our husbands to ignore us or to treat us badly, because we have forgotten that we deserve more. Your well-being is crucial: it requires an inventory of what you need. And you should get it.

5. Will you ask for help?

We do not want to burden others with our problems. We are ashamed to admit that we are fighting. This isolation can lead to depression. Yes, you can live as you want, and, most importantly, you deserve it. Everyone feels that they are the only ones who are struggling with the problem, but as soon as you reach out and admit that you feel, you will probably see that many other women feel the same.