No hint of old age: 7 ways to hide gray hair before dyeing

Approximately six to eight weeks after the last dyeing, gray hair may reappear. What to do to disguise the treacherous hairs, until you signed up for a new coloring? Use these simple tips and learn about the tools that will help you in the fight against gray hair.

Re-style your hair

If you put your hair in the same middle part or on the left side every day, for example, the side with the gray hair becomes more noticeable. Just lay the hair on the opposite side or make a completely new multilayer styling - then the gray hair will be less noticeable, plus you will give your hair extra volume.

Add hair texture

On very smooth straight strands, gray hair is most noticeable, so be careful. Best of all masks gray hair careless styling with beach waves. You can do this stacking with the help of medium-diameter curling irons or with a curling and texturing spray.

Use dry shampoo

You can get the same effect as a texturizing spray with a dry shampoo, whether in the form of a spray or powder. And most importantly, you can choose pigmented shampoo to match the color of your hair, and also to paint gray hairs. So, pigmented dry shampoo is an excellent double effect for masking gray hair.

Make laying with a scythe

Braid the braid and twist it along the head. Thus, you will disguise the growing gray strands at the roots. By the way, any other high hairstyles are also good options, as they distract from gray-haired strands and “block” them.

Add an accessory

A hairpin or (especially) a headband will be able to divert attention from graying roots. Not to mention the fact that they will add style to any styling: from beam to tail.

Do the hair

Fact: the basal volume and the multi-layered pile on the top of the head can work wonders in the matter of masking gray hair. To make a comb at home, apply mousse on wet roots and use a comb or brush to brush your hair, finally dry the strands with a hairdryer and, if necessary, fix the styling with varnish.

Paint over gray hair

We are talking about temporary staining with the help of special tools such as pigmented powders, shadows, sprays and pencils for hair. All these tools are very easy to use and are washed off while washing your hair.