Unisex: 3 men's fragrances that make a woman seductive

In perfumery stores today you can find flavors absolutely for every taste. Whether you like tart or spicy, sweet or oriental, you will find the right composition. However, on those shelves where the ladies often do not look, you can find no less interesting things. This, of course, is about men's perfume.

Few of the ladies decide to use it. It is in vain, because male melodies on women begin to sound special. Saturated, tart, they will make you seem stronger and harder to yourself, will help to gain self-confidence, because the fragrance is really able to work wonders.

Male perfume can be used in different ways. For example, if you really like the flavor, you can try it by itself. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it. If you use it too much, it will sound too aggressive, and ruin the whole impression.

Another use is to add a touch of men's fragrance to a neutral female composition, creating something completely special. Just do not mix too intense flavors, most likely, they will argue with each other.
What men's fragrances can be used by women?

Kenzo Pour Homme

If you decide to try a men's fragrance, but are not yet confident in your abilities, start with Kenzo Pour Homme. Among men's fragrances, this is one of the most gentle, and therefore it sounds great on ladies. His sound is not as intense and brutal as other men's perfumes. It sounds mostly woody notes, among which sandal is most clearly heard.

This perfume is suitable for strong-willed and determined women who know what they want, but prefer not to stand out, but to lead the situation from the outside.
Kenzo Pour Homme,.;

Christian dior's eau sauvage

If you are a fan of citrus flavors, then be sure to look at the fragrance from Christian Dior. Saturated and spectacular, he, at the same time, does not cry for masculinity. He talks about the inner core, strength and irony, so it is suitable not only for men, but also for brave, intelligent and beautiful women who playfully break men's hearts.
Christian Dior's Eau Sauvage,.;

Givenchy gentlemen

Unlike most men's fragrances, this perfume is more likely not cold, but warm, very soft and even almost gentle. In it you will hear spicy notes that are fancifully combined with the aroma of patchouli. This aroma is self-sufficient, therefore it is better not to mix it with others. He is very good in himself.

It will sound great on women who have a bright personality, an interesting personality and considerable ambitions. The secondary roles are not for them, because they want to shine, crave worship and universal adoration. And quite deserve it.
Givenchy Gentlemen,.;

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