Detail in clothes that can rightfully be considered a hit in 2019

There are trends that immediately declare themselves, appearing on the podium or in the Instagram-mod feed. And there are those that work slower, but no less impressive. For example, you might fall in love with an unusual bag or blouse, but at first you don’t understand what makes this thing so chic. Over time, you find that the details that are on the thing you like, appear on other things.

So the main detail of the coming season, which has already become a trend, is a massive buckle. It appears on the bags, and on the waist dresses, and on the skirts and even on the shoes and swimsuits with a belt. Such a buckle makes all these things look more stylish and fashionable. And most importantly, such a detail is quite practical and is unlikely to go out of fashion in the near future. So feel free to add a buckle to your wardrobe.

In a fashion - the most different forms and styles of massive buckles. In our list - all the most fashionable things with this stylish detail.


Many of the most hit bags of the spring-summer season are equipped with a massive buckle. Especially popular are rectangular and square buckles, merging with the main shade of the bag. They most often appear in the center of the bag and are its main decoration. Such a detail on the bag will appeal to even the most desperate minimalists and lovers of concise models.


Against the background of the return to fashion of the 70s, overalls, dresses and tops with an expressive belt became especially relevant. Jackets, skirts, midi dresses and trench coats with a buckle are the main hits of the season.


If you love pumps, this spring you will definitely need a pair with a spectacular buckle. Looks fresh and stylish!


Swimwear with a belt with a massive buckle look very expensive and somewhat reminiscent of the charming retro style of Hollywood in the 60s.