Secret number 1, which every woman should use to interest a man

The man with whom you are in love, began to distance himself? In his behavior, something indicates the extinction of feelings? If you are confused and desperately seeking his attention, then push it further away.

Your man is not a “valuable prize”

And it is not your fault that by your actions you only alienate him. It’s just that we women are used to treating men as if they were a valuable prize. When he is near, we can do nothing and experience that we can lose him. Being in a state of anxiety, we begin to guess that the coming day is preparing for us - he will reject us or invite us on a fantastic date.

Our emotions are addicted to the actions of men. Although, deep down, we understand that if we could interest and attract him, life would get better.

Being married, many women worried about this: “Why is he in a bad mood, is it my fault?”, “Wake up and tell me how much I love him or let him sleep?”, “What should I do? How to attract attention? How to interest, so that he did not go to another? "

Constant experiences because of a lack of interest in men can simply drive you crazy. And then you begin to doubt your actions and understand: whatever you do, you will not be able to interest him.

Everything that happens is very tiring and frustrating. There is a feeling of jealousy and irritability. You begin to compare yourself with others, reproach for each identified deficiency. You may even have the feeling that you can interest a man if you become a little more perfect: more beautiful, more relaxed in bed, funnier, smiling more, more confident - this list goes on and on.

Interestingly, what would you say if everything happened exactly the opposite? If you were not worried about how to interest a man, and a man would constantly look for meetings with you, would you be persecuted?

Remember: you are a goddess

It all starts with you. We understand that many people think that the problem is in a man, that he must learn to control his feelings. In fact, it is the level of women's self-esteem that dictates the rules by which life is adjusted. The truth is that you are a goddess. And you can have a personal life worthy of a goddess.

If you fully focus on the man, he will feel it. He can also feel the immense pressure, the expectation of making you happy. Feeling this, he will understand that your emotions are completely dependent on him. It is not easy for men to experience such moments, the girl immediately becomes unattractive in his eyes because of low self-esteem, which focuses solely on him.

Then the depressed emotional state of a man is only aggravated: if previously the cause was something outside the relationship, then over time your relationship becomes the cause. As if you did it yourself, and your concern about how to maintain interest in yourself only pushed him further away.

There is a “key” that will put everything in its place. It lies in the fact that it is necessary to stop seeing a “prize” in a man, you need to become this “prize”, desired by every man. And the next time, instead of focusing on the feeling of fear, on the strategy, how to attract the attention of men, focus on yourself.

You are a goddess, you are filled with love and are ready to give it to that single, beloved man right now, but there is only one man next to you who is half interested in you.

Instead of loving yourself, the whole world around, you were swallowed by the love of a man. Now he can do what he wants with your feelings. Because in those moments when you are trying to keep a man, stop, get distracted and open the goddess in yourself.

When you look again for a way to attract a man - focus on yourself, imagine that you are covered with pink glitter. Stay "in the image" until you feel how this intoxicating energy of love fills the body and soul. At this time, a man, believe me, will be hypnotized by your "brilliance", he will feel just as beautiful as you. Even if he's a little naughty and upset about something, feel how fascinated his heart is.

It will change your aura. You will stop worrying about the man, thinking about his feelings, calm down, you will have faith. A feeling of calm and attractiveness coming from you will make him come closer.