The main difference between love and love

It's no secret that love and love are different things. And in theory, we even know how to distinguish between these concepts and define them in different ways. However, when it comes to reality, when suddenly we meet a man who makes our hearts beat more often, understand ourselves and understand what we really feel - love or love - is much more difficult than it seems.

What is love? And when you can say with confidence that you are not just in love, but really love a person?


Love is not a choice. This is an irrational chain of events that is simply impossible to stop. This may be slow or fast. One glance. One touch. One eight-hour telephone conversation. And sometimes it ends.

Falling in love is very easy and at the same time very exciting. Emotions going wild and it seems that this is love. But love is more than that.


Love is a choice. An active and responsible decision-making process that requires work and dedication.

It is easy to fall in love with someone for his good qualities: when he is smart, sexy, funny. Such qualities are easy to love. And think about whether you love a person and his other side, one that is completely unsympathetic and full of flaws? Do you accept the whole person completely or only that part of him that you like best?

The fact is that during love, we often create an idealized image of our partner for ourselves, but when love passes, we are confronted with a real person and his imperfect character.

If you accept these imperfections in a person in the same way as his virtues, you love.

According to experts, love is when you see a person as he is, with all the advantages and disadvantages, with all the secrets and complexes, and nevertheless you choose him and anyone else.

And it is wonderful when the person whom you accepted completely and unconditionally accepts you in the same way: with all your baggage of merits and demerits, failures and successes. This is called mutual love.