4 secrets of women who always and everywhere look perfect

Any sleepless night primarily affects your face. In fact, even a couple of hours of lack of sleep can greatly affect how you look in the morning. And, although humanity has not yet invented beauty products that could compensate for the lack of sleep or replace sleep, there are several effective ways to help you get rid of swelling on your face, traces of lack of sleep, moisturize your skin and restore its radiance.

Get rid of edema by improving blood circulation.

Lack of sleep often causes deterioration in the tone of the face and swelling. To reduce puffiness and give the face a healthy color, experts advise to do the following: hold a couple of spoons in the freezer, take them out and massage them with the face. This will improve blood circulation, which in turn will relieve the face of edema and provide him with a fresh pink blush.

Another win-win way to get a healthy look back is to do morning exercises. "It will wake your body and improve blood circulation."

No time to charge? Spend a few minutes on a facial massage with jade or quartz massage rollers. They will help improve blood circulation and reduce lymph stasis. For the best effect, cool the double-sided jade roller in the freezer, use a large roller in the area of ​​the forehead, cheeks and jaw line, and a smaller one for the eye contour.

Make your skin glow

Tired skin needs a generous portion of moisturizing. Therefore, you can not go wrong if you apply a moisturizing face mask, and after moisturizing cream.

Today, there are express masks that you will have time to apply even a couple of minutes before leaving the house. As a result, tired, dull skin due to intensive moisturizing will get a fresher and more radiant look.

Hide bags under the eyes

Lack of sleep is undoubtedly the most striking area around the eyes, so if you only have time for a minute facial massage, this is an area that you should focus on. Try to make a light massage, moving from the inner corners of the eyes, after having applied eye cream to the skin. The cream moisturizes and smoothes the skin, and also gives it a glow.
@ helenabordon Disguise dark circles with concealer. It is best to apply concealer in the form of an inverted triangle. It will instantly lift and refresh your eyes. To open your eyes more, curl your eyelashes with a curler and paint over two layers of mascara for maximum lengthening effect.

Try smart color tricks

To keep the skin from looking tired and dull, use a purple hue primer with reflective particles. He will even out the tone of his face and give it shine.

Because tired skin often looks pale, make-up artists are advised to put on her cheeks and lips a little pink blush. Those who have reddening of the skin should carefully hide them with primers before applying pink pigment.