7 beliefs that attract negative men into your life

Not one of your romance is crowned with success, and you are already losing hope of meeting a real man on your way? Perhaps the fact is that you adhere to false and toxic beliefs that make you ideal prey for men with predatory nature and narcissistic traits.

Such false beliefs not only lead to the fact that you forgive the abusive behavior of a man towards you, but also make it so that you, at an emotional and unconscious level, begin to allow yourself to be in the role of victim and cannot leave it. Moreover, you start blaming yourself constantly and in everything, you blame yourself even for the mistakes of a man.

In fact, such relationships are unhealthy. And the way of thinking that keeps you in them, too.

Here are some of the main unhealthy thoughts that may cause you to attract narcissistic, egocentric and negative people into your life, and then allow them to poison it and squeeze all the energy out of you for an unforgivable long time.

"A man knows better what I'm standing"

It doesn't matter who thinks about you and what he says about you - you have to know your own worth, understand what you want in life and in relationships and what you deserve. Appreciate yourself, otherwise you will be devalued by others.

“I can't offer a man what other women can do.”

When you think so, you definitely will not attract a decent man into your life. Be more confident, know that you are no worse than other women. You are a person, you are special. And only because of this you have a lot of things that can attract a decent man.

“If in the past I had an unhappy relationship, then so will it be in the future.”

Our past relationship experience undoubtedly affects our new relationships in one way or another. It is important to take valuable lessons from it, but not the weight of the negative. If you allow the negative to migrate into a new relationship - believe me, it will not lead to anything good.

"People change over time"

One of the worst mistakes women make is to think that a man will change: stop insulting, lying, humiliating, or starting to take care, provide for his family and so on. Believe me, you will be waiting for a very long time and you will not wait for anything.

Only a person who is able to think critically and be honest with himself, who absolutely realizes his drawbacks and mistakes and does not want to commit them in the future, and not the one who tries to justify his lies or offensive behavior and does not see himself, can change no flaws.

“Everyone deserves the presumption of innocence”

Yes, most men should be given the presumption of innocence - but only once. If you constantly give a new chance to the person who hurts you, you will lose not only time, but also respect for yourself.

“I don't deserve more”

This is again a question of your self-esteem. If you think you deserve to be mistreated, you will be treated that way. If you think you deserve to be treated with kindness, respect and honesty, this is what will come to you.

"Everything in my life is bad"

Do not adjust yourself to the negative, so as not to attract it into your life. Try to see positive, good things - if you see only negative, at some point it will emotionally choke you. Always remember the law of attraction - think of the good in order to draw this good into your life.