5 types of women who absolutely do not attract this man

As you know, there is a certain set of feminine qualities, traits of character and appearance, which men consider the most attractive and attractive. But there is also a so-called anti-rating of types of women with which, as men themselves admit, they would never have met.

At the same time, each type of men has different preferences: one likes classic Russian women, who will enter the burning hut and stop the galloping horse. Other men choose refined natures, and still others are interested only in owners of model looks.

Here is a rating of female types that will never attract a real man. The one that most girls dream of.

1. Heartbreaker

A sort of vamp woman who only does what seduces men, using all decent and indecent ways. She absolutely does not stop to meet with married, often takes on the role of a mistress, falls in love, dizzy, and then quickly throws, trampling the heart of her new victim into small parts.

2. Sufferer

This woman is always bad. She constantly complains, often cries, she almost always has a bad mood and her whole life is seen in extremely dark colors. This lady blames everyone for her failed fate - from close people to government and distant acquaintances. It is unlikely that one of the men will survive a long dialogue with such a melancholic person.

3. Breaking away

Having a good night to have a good night, to make a couple of crazy things, to light up in a scrub school and leave without even exchanging phone numbers. Most men admit that with an inveterate party girl well together the first day or two, and then her recklessness and fearlessness begin to simply annoy and unpleasantly surprise.

4. Too correct

Men love good girls, by the way, they marry most often. But, as they say, everything should be in moderation. Too correct women who have their own clearly defined hierarchy of “what is good and what is bad”, who do not make any mistakes and mistakes and harshly condemn those who live differently than they scare men rather than attract.

5. Miss "I love glamor"

Such a girl adores everything bright, brilliant and striking. The goal of her life is a maximum of photos on Instagram with a full report on every hour of the day. As a rule, such women are focused exclusively on themselves, and their inner world is extremely poor and poor. Yes, maybe it looks beautiful and attractive, but there is a dummy under the bright wrapper. This man does not want to be in a relationship with such a person even for a short period.