10 things you should pay attention to if you suspect that your husband is cheating on you


Male treason, alas, is a very common phenomenon. Of course, not all men are prone to betrayal, but in the soul of every woman is somehow inclined to suspect her husband, he give her at least a little reason for doubt.

Let us say at once that as long as you have no obvious signs and indisputable evidence of your man’s treason, you shouldn’t pounce on him with accusations and, all the more, torment yourself.

However, if you notice these 10 things in the behavior of a man, then be careful - it is quite possible that he really changes you, and you should talk to him about your suspicions.

He began to carefully monitor his appearance.

If your man used to pay very little attention to his appearance, but now and then he tweaks his hair, puts on an expensive perfume and turns around in front of a mirror, sometimes longer than you, this is not a reason to panic, but a reason to be wary. Is he trying so hard for you or for someone else?

He began to scrutinize his belongings and wardrobe

If your man didn’t even know how to turn on a washing machine, and could wear the same shirt for several days in a row, and now his cleanliness borders on obsession, and his wardrobe was replenished with a pair of new stylish trouser suits, then this is a clear reason to ponder.

He began to shower more often

Your man used to wash only in the morning, and now at least three times a day? Perhaps he is trying not only to be clean, but also to wash off the "suspicious" flavors.

He began to withdraw cash from the card more often and more than usual

It is quite logical if you think that your man withdraws money from a cash card so that you cannot trace where he spends it. Perhaps he is preparing a surprise for you on the anniversary of your engagement or on your birthday. Or maybe the surprise is not for you at all ...

He ceased to be the initiator of sex

Previously, your man now and then molested you with requests for sex, and now reluctantly agrees to it, and you have to almost persuade him? This is what you should definitely talk to him about.

He started having sex in a new way.

If your man suddenly started using more sophisticated techniques during sex, you may have an obvious question: "Where did he learn them from?" So ask him about it.

He began to say that he loves you, on duty phrases

If your man has never been too talkative in terms of expressing his feelings and very rarely said that he loves you, but now he clarifies “You know that I love you,” it may seem as if he feels guilty and tries to appease his the blame.

He began to give you gifts often.

The reasons for this behavior of men can be quite harmless. However, such actions can be, like a declaration of love, nothing more than a trick to divert your attention from "suspicious" facts.

He began to answer your question in great detail, how was his day

If a man used to answer such a question in two or three words, and now painfully in detail and in detail tells you where he was, then, however paradoxical it may sound, perhaps he is hiding something from you.

He began to leave the phone more often for “business” conversation.

If your man has become more often and longer than usual to linger at work, and the number of "business" calls has increased dramatically, then this may be a reason for you to think about whether a man changes you.

Again, all these signs are conditional. The main thing is not to make hasty conclusions and try to bring your man to a sincere conversation.