A clean house without cleaning is real: 9 tricks from busy women

You, yes, you, with a busy schedule and, as a result, a complete mess in the house. A small social advertisement: both the physical act of cleaning itself and visual reward actually work wonders, relieving the stress you are experiencing. (Let us explain: cleaning is worth the effort and money spent). Here are ten tricks to keep your dwelling clean for those squeezed like lemon and limited in time.

Make a special place for garbage in each room.

In the form of a drawer, decorative bowl, or basket. Since the garbage accumulates during the week, you will have a clean, convenient place to store everything you need - then you can sort things out about once a week.

Fold cleaning products where you use them.

Keep in mind: keep bathroom cleaners under the sink in the bathroom, not in the broom closet in the hallway. Keeping funds in the same place where you will use them will help you save time by keeping you motivated.

Wash the dishes while cooking

Do you take short breaks while cooking dinner? They can be used to advantage, instead of the idle get-togethers on Instagram - take advantage of this time and load the dishwasher or clean the shelves in the refrigerator.

And use a sticky roller for cleaning clothes for everything else.

Pay attention: you can easily clean the lampshades on lamps, curtains and hard-to-reach areas of upholstered furniture that are exposed to the formation of pellets.

Wash the tiles in the bathroom while taking a shower.

Yes Yes. Namely: clean the joints between the tiles and all the plumbing in the bathroom - and then bathe yourself.

Wipe surfaces immediately

Wipe your work surface in the kitchen immediately after you have finished cooking. Wash your bathroom sink immediately after you brush your teeth. If you often do a little cleaning of surfaces, you will significantly reduce the time for cleaning in the future.

Put the clothes in place as soon as you take them off.

Repeat after us: I want to put my sweater back in the closet, and not on the chair that is literally next to it! Do not save clothes on the chair until it turns into a leaning tower, which then in any case will have to be disassembled for days.

Make the bed before you get up

When you wake up, grab the upper corners of the bedding, shake them, and then get out of bed. That is what pros do.

Use air freshener or indoor fragrance regularly

Yes, even if you have not the cleanest house on earth. But damn it, it also has a pleasant smell. Plus: aromatherapy will literally lift your spirits.