4 things that every new mother worries about

That's what it means to be a mom. You know that everything will change. You know that everything will be different. You spend hours on women's forms, reading articles about childbirth, parenting and preparing for postpartum depression. A huge amount of literature and a thousand and one trifle in stores that will help you prepare for the postpartum period. But there are things that every expectant mother thinks about and does not find an answer to them.

Would you like to have sex again

Given the size of what just came out of you and the pain you were experiencing, it’s hard to imagine that any other manipulations “out there” will ever happen. The doctor has appointed a six-week period without sex, but sounds like a blessing, but as the days go by, you wonder if this time is enough. How can someone have more than one child? How do people consciously go for it? On TV and in films you are told that giving birth is the only difficulty, so you calmly agree to this part. But then, after you have a baby, everything will return to normal life. No one tells you what will happen after. About how depressed you are, how painful it is to sit or walk, about blood. Every time you go to the toilet, it looks like a terrible crime scene. It seems to you that you will no longer be sexy and desirable, and the pain will now remain with you forever. It is not so, in a few weeks everything will be just better and better, and everything will return to normal.

When freedom comes

If you are a nursing mother, then you will be as if sitting in a dungeon. Your child should eat every three hours, and it takes almost an hour, so you basically do not have time to do anything else. You are chained to the child, and although with your mind you understand that this is temporary, you know that this little creature will become more, eat less, and eventually even eat food that does not depend on you. And here postpartum depression is inevitable. You are no longer yourself. But it will pass, you will leave the house again, the child will not always be nursing. It will last forever, but in fact it is a very short phase of your life that you forget as soon as it passes.

When can I sleep

You should not look on the Internet, how many people can live without sleep, you are not at risk. Yes, you feel so tired that you can die. You feel sick from fatigue. And the feeling is that it will never end. Will you ever sleep the way you slept before the baby? No, those days are long gone. But you will sleep well. You will sleep continuously. You will feel rested. And you will adapt to your new reality, and it will become just that, your new reality, just like a dream before noon on weekends in the old days.

Not sure what to do

No young mother knows what she is doing. Maybe after one successful diaper change, you pat your back and say: “Wow, I have a talent!”. But then something will happen that will cause the whole world to collapse into panic. Everyone is worried about this. Even a woman who has several children, it would seem, should do everything at the click of a finger, but she also has no idea what she is doing. Nobody knows. You're just trying to improve the life of your child and understand everything along the way. And you will deal with this. No matter how you think now, it will be second nature, and you will know all the tricks and take care of your child easily and naturally. But think that the maternal instinct will immediately begin to act.