8 little things that a woman binds a man imperceptibly for him


Regardless of whether the man only begins to meet with a woman or they have been in a relationship for a long time, there are many actions that she can do involuntarily. And, in secret, men like them terribly.

There are many such actions. Here are eight of the most interesting:

1. Put your head on his chest

When he is lying on the sofa in front of the TV or just resting after a long day, one of the best feelings for him is when a woman puts her hand or head on his chest. A man likes to protect his woman, so he feels pride when she feels safe in his hands.

2. Write first

Public opinion puts pressure on men in that they should always start a conversation. But sometimes he may not know if he is too pushy and writes a lot. He could rethink everything and not write at all, which, of course, would have surprised you. But men also like to feel affection, and if he is in love, he will think about you. Sending your favorite short message will brighten up his day and become an occasion for a good conversation.

3. Speak how you appreciate him

Just remember that if a man makes an effort in a relationship (as he should), then he will never complain if he hears that you value him. Some men are able to guess the feelings of your actions, but many need a direct message. This will give him the opportunity to feel the warmth of you.

4. Play with his hair while he is driving

I didn’t know how good this method was until one day a friend did it by chance. If you are traveling together, reach out and stroke a little on the back of the head. It will definitely make him smile. But do not distract too much, after all he is driving!

5. Boasting them on social networks

Many women shy away from this, but if a man did something pleasant, then nothing prevents you from telling others about it or taking a picture of the improvised dinner he gave when you came home from work. This will show him how you appreciate him and that you are ready to share your appreciation and love for him with the whole world.

6. Listen

Women know that listening is not a passive pastime. This action takes effort. Sometimes something important happens in his life, he works to achieve a goal, or is simply concerned about work. When you sit down, look into his eyes and start talking about something important for him, it makes him understand that you care. Even if he already knows this.

7. Write to him when you are with friends.

There are really bad stories about jealous men who do not “allow” a woman to walk with her friends, and especially with other representatives of the stronger sex. The fears are clear - the man must be confident in his relationship and trust the woman enough not to worry every second when she is not with him.

If your man is mature enough to let you have a good time, sometimes write him messages just to say hello. This will make him smile and make it clear that you think about him when you are not at home.

8. Be affectionate

You do not need to hang on him in public, but such trifles as taking his hand, attaching to the grocery line or taking his arm when you go to visit will make him feel close to him and your pride in them.

Little things matter. Men are easy enough to please. They don't need much to be happy. And they really love to do something for their women so that they feel special.

But a relationship is a two-way street. The idea is that you do not need some great romantic gestures to make a person happy. Just stick a note in your pocket for him to find her in the afternoon, or kiss him on the cheek while watching TV.

These little things will make him and you smile.