9 female mistakes that repel even the most loving man

There are lots of tips on what women need in a relationship. It's time to understand what men really want, and what they really don't want in a relationship.

Below is a list of nine things that repel men. So if you want to save a man, stop doing them:

1. Doubt his purpose

Men want their beloved to be supportive. They want women to believe in their dreams. They want to be supported, no matter how insane their dreams may seem. No man wants to be with the one who discourages from him the whole hunt or doubts him and his achievements. A man needs one who will stand next to them and go hand in hand as a member of one team, and not the one with which his dreams are indifferent.

2. Look for flaws in it and point them out.

Nobody is perfect. No one can be constantly happy, loving and caring. We are all human, and each one has dark stripes. Sometimes we break into people we love, forget to wash the dishes or leave a wet towel on the bed. And this does not mean that if a man did that, then he did it on purpose to annoy. Just nobody is perfect. And any mistake can be corrected with love, and not constant nagging to its shortcomings.

3. To chastise him like a mom

Everybody makes mistakes sometimes. And men also feel vulnerable and guilty after making a mistake. And the last thing they want at this moment is for someone to make them feel even worse, berating or recalling an error all over again.

4. To meet him at home without joy

For men, the world can also be difficult. And they expect that at least they will be safe at home. The man thinks that the house will become for him the place where he can rest and find solace. When he returns home after a hard day, all he expects is a smile and a greeting from his beloved.

5. Overly patronize him

Yes, you love your man and whenever possible try to express your love. Men appreciate your care and affection, but as soon as it all becomes excessive, it feels like suffocation. Men are not children, and they do not need excessive care.

6. Do not trust and respect him

Nobody likes being trusted. Trust is the basis of any relationship. Another important component for a happy and healthy relationship is mutual respect. The biggest destroyer of relationships is disrespect. Without respect and without politeness, no relationship can exist.

None of the men will not tolerate the one that treats him insulting, humiliating or disrespectful. Therefore, even if you have a dispute or disagreement, make sure that you do not humiliate your partner, but express your point of view in a healthy and constructive way.

7. Manipulate them with proximity

Never use closeness or refusal to communicate as a manipulative tool to achieve your goals. Even if your man succumbed to this tactic and ultimately does what you wanted from him, without expressing his displeasure externally, internally, he still will not feel good. In the end, it will not bring any benefit or health to your relationship.

8. Intervene in his personal time.

All men need freedom and personal time, regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not. Please do not get angry when he wants to continue his hobby, watch the match with friends or just be alone with him for a short time. No need to intervene in personal time, either directly or indirectly.

9. Compare with other men.

Men are competitive in nature and want to be appreciated and recognized by their strengths. A man hates it when a woman compares him to others or his ex. If you want a man to do something, then just tell him about it directly. Do not use comparison tactics to make him feel worse and do what you want from him.