3 female features that make a man quickly and firmly attached

Distance makes love grow. But it is not always considered that the man with whom you meet will think of you when you are far from each other.

So how to do it? How to make him miss you so much that it improves the foundation of your relationship?

If you are trying to learn how to make your partner miss you, chances are high that you will really try to become a priority in his life. Do you want him to yearn for you? Of course, who does not want this?

There are many ways to achieve this desired effect, but these 3 things have proven their effectiveness:

1. Be his sanctuary

Many men, including the one you attract, care very much about their careers, they are driven by success and wealth. This may be good, but it is also a stressful lifestyle.

By offering yourself as a “sanctuary,” you get other benefits. First, many men feel that they need to recharge so that they can return to the "rat race" the next day. By giving him the opportunity to recharge, you increase his confidence and energy. Men really love it.

It could be a massage, a good dinner, a funny movie, or maybe just a conversation so that he could express his problems.

2. Focus on emotional connection with him, not on attachment

Another way to make a man miss you is to focus on your communication above all else. Because focusing on commitment first and foremost is the same as putting the cart before the horse.

In truth, it should not be difficult for you to focus on communication: it is this proximity that is the driving force behind any relationship. And as soon as this affinity is established, everything will surely fall into place.

It is useless to expect a man to make any commitments when he is not yet sure of a deep connection.

3. Start trusting him

The third way to make him miss you is to give him what he desperately longs for: your trust!

When your chosen one knows that you trust him, he knows that you are giving him a precious gift: a chance to be seen through you. When you let a man lead, plan, control his heart, he will want to be with you. And when he is not around, he will miss you.

But remember that it is hardly worth trusting someone who has proved himself in a relationship with you from an unreliable side. If you meet someone who has deceived you over and over or constantly lied, then there is no reason to give him chance after chance.

But you have to ask yourself: why are you meeting someone unreliable? A person worthy of trust is the person who deserves you.