8 mistakes that even the wisest women make

The recipe for a happy relationship, alas, no one knows. That is why the path to fabulous love is lined with thorns, mistakes and frustrations. Even the most successful, beautiful and intelligent women tend to make mistakes and live as if in rose-colored glasses. But this does not mean that we should stop and fold our arms. The main thing is to learn the right lessons from everything and skillfully apply them in life.

1. Absolute trust

Of course, a relationship without trust is unthinkable and leads nowhere. The most important thing is to know the so-called limit when your partner shamelessly begins to use the fact that you faithfully believe his every word. As they say - trust, but verify.

2. Confidence that a man can be changed

That is why there are so many unhappy unions around, where women “save” men from idleness, fornication, tyranny, drunkenness, addiction to computer games, etc. Dear ladies, remember once and for all, a man will never change until he wants it himself. And all attempts to help him are elemental dependency, when a woman assumes the role of a wizard and thinks that she will certainly give her faithful a better life.

3. Excessive candor

A woman must always remain a mystery and a slight understatement. Do not open for him as a book read, do not tell all about your life to the smallest details. The point is not even that his interest may fade away, but that he can use your secrets at certain moments in his life against you.

4. The belief that man is the center of the universe

The more you try for it, fully occupying your time, making useless sacrifices, forgetting yourself and pushing your own desires and interests into the background, the less he will respect and love you. The main thing is not to lose your self-sufficiency and never make a man the center of your life.

5. Unwillingness to solve problems in a relationship

Unfortunately, this is inherent in both partners - a complete unwillingness to pronounce problems, solve them, voice what they don’t like, and look for ways out. Many people think that hushing up and avoiding a conversation is the best option - maybe it will resolve itself. Forced to upset you - will not resolve, but layered like a snowball and will crush you with a heavy load.

6. Credulity to beautiful words

Yes, we women love ears and literally melt when a man showered us with compliments and says nice words. Often, after that we are ready to forgive him all the insults, close our eyes to impartial acts and create an idol for ourselves. Behind this blind faith it is impossible to see the true face of a person.

7. Willingness to forgive everything

Whoever says nothing, it is impossible and unnecessary to forgive everything, especially in a relationship. There are things that can not be forgotten and, for the sake of yourself, your own peace and prosperity, you can’t let them go. Yes, you need to be able to forgive internally - releasing a person and getting rid of their negative feelings. But those events that occur after a misconduct, you need to carefully analyze and make the right decision for yourself - to leave or stay.

8. A firm belief that your union is forever

Yes, we all want a marriage in heaven and being together in grief and joy, wealth and poverty, etc. But, you need to be realistic and always remember that fate cannot be predicted in advance and you cannot be 100% sure of anything. Believe in the best, but do not live with pink dreams, and your happiness will not miss you.